Boy Suffering From Cerebral Palsy Finishes a Triathlon | Moving Video


The web is full of moving stories of people all around the world that get over huge obstacles and which are inspiring for everyone.

While there are some people that give excuses not to have an active and healthy life, others make an effort every day to improve themselves.

We will now show you a video of an 8-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy and who, in spite of that, managed to finish a triathlon.

Bailey Matthews is a British boy, and the event he attained consisted of swimming 100 meters, riding 4 kilometers on a bike and running 1.3 kilometers.

Seeing the excitement in his face when being cheered by hundreds of spectators, leaving his walker, running, falling twice and standing up immediately should give you two important lessons: 1) be happy when you run and 2) if you fall down, stand up again.



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