Burn 600 calories in 20 minutes with this WORKOUT [VIDEO]

Burn CALORIES jump rope workout

When you’re trying to lose weight you have to burn a massive amount of calories. Try this workout and burn 600 calories in 20 minutes.


The only thing that you will need to burn 600 calories in 20 minutes is a jump rope.

Jumping rope is one of most effective ways to burn calories.

Jumping rope helps burn 11-30 calories per minute depending on the speed and intensity.

Watch the video and try the exercises:

How to:

1 min jump rope freestyle
30 seconds jump squats
1 min jump rope run in place
30 seconds high knees
1 min jump rope freestyle
30 seconds jumping lunges
1 min jump rope mummy kicks
30 seconds hand over hand pushups
*rest 10 sec between exercises
*1 min rest between circuits
*complete 4 times

jump rope workout

REMEMBER: The workout is not for eveybody.

It depends on person’s weight and fitness levels and also his/her intensity levels. This is especially difficult for an overweight individual.


How Much Weight Can I Lose if I Burn 600 Calories 

As long as you simultaneously make healthy eating and drinking decisions, your 600-calorie daily workouts will cause you to lose weight

By burning an additional 600 calories every day with exercise, you have the potential to lose about 5 pounds per month.

How much you’ll lose, however, depends on how strict you are with your nutritional habits.

The only way  the workout will allow you to lose about 5 pounds per month is if you simultaneously follow a healthy nutritional plan.

If you consume too many calories, you won’t be creating the caloric deficit needed for fat loss.

Monitor the things you’re eating and drinking so you set yourself up for weight-loss success.


Burn 600 calories in 20 minutes with this WORKOUT [VIDEO]


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