Hitting the Wall: This is it | #MARATHONRUNNERS

the wall

One of the fears most of the marathoners have, is hitting the wall, the moment in which the fatigue and energy exhaustion force the runner to stop.

To a marathoner, the wall is usually presented after the 20-mile mark, so finishing a marathon without hitting the wall can be a real tough challenge. The wall is so dangerous that even the professional runners suffers the risk of hitting it.

This is why we invite you to watch this video, where you are going to be able to see Beata Naigambo, an elite marathoner (her personal best is 02:27:54), suffering the symptoms of the wall just a few feet before getting to the finish line of the Glasgow 2014 marathon.


flickr photo by g&sphotography http://flickr.com/photos/ginoandsharonphotography/12887326753 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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