Five Mistakes that Runners Make and Could be Avoided


Running’s growth is evident: every day, more and more people start to run.

Even though the amount of runners changes permanently, there is something that never changes: the mistakes that almost every amateur runner commits.

For you to avoid committing these mistakes, we invite you to discover the most common mistakes made by runners:

1.- Overtraining

Running too frequently (without being trained for that), at a high speed or long distances, may cause you to overtrain and possibly cause you an injury.

It is good to have a demanding training; it is acceptable to be a bit tired during trainings, but it is not advisable to train in pain.

Many runners do not know their limits, but every runner has one. Discover it and train hard to face it intelligently.

2.- Undertraining

Many people sign up in races and decide to run overnight. A week before the race they realize that they have not almost trained and they start to overtrain themselves in such a way that they run in pain and cannot enjoy the pleasure of running.

They run in pain during the race and, at the end, they think that running is not for them and they quit.

Some people also run once a week or once a month, and the same occurs to them: they suffer and demand their body inappropriately.

Avoid that! If you like running, run, train, enjoy it and have fun!

3.- Not eating well

Everyone knows someone that has started to run or to do sports and, after a month of training sporadically, says, “I’m fatter since I began running.”

It is probably true.But they are fatter,  but not because of running They do not eat correctly and, as a result of the increasing physical demand, they feel hungrier, and if their feeding habits are wrong (junk food, sweets, etc.), they will probably gain weight.

Have a balanced life, train and eat correctly. Eat healthy; you will feel better and healthier and you will have the necessary energy to face training in the best way.

4.- Quitting

You are running and you decide to speed up and you begin to feel tired and uncomfortable; you want to stop, your head is full of negative feelings and you decide to quit and start to walk.

The good thing about this mistake is that you may probably notice it yourself and can solve it the next running session.

When you have surrendered, analyze the situation. Think of how you feel after quitting, how your body feels and ask yourself, Could I have continued running?

Learn to know your body! Distinguish pain from tiredness. It will help you progress and improve your physical condition.

5.- Using what works for others

You are reading these pieces of advice and you may probably also be reading or hearing pieces of advice from other websites, books, television, some friend, etc.

Everyone has an opinion about exercises, training, feeding, racing tactics, etc that have worked for them.

Following these pieces of advice to the letter, without understanding their grounds or foundation and, expecting the same results, is another mistake that is usually made by runners.


Do not be afraid of failing or committing mistakes; try to get this wrong as little as possible and learn from your mistakes not to commit them again! It is time to become an expert of your body. Train and get to know yourself.

flickr photo by Celestine Chua shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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