10 Fat burning workouts! Exercises at home in just 20 minutes

10 Fat burning workouts! Exercises at home in just 20 minutes

The key to a healthy weight loss is a balanced diet and daily physical activity, particularly a routine with exercises to burn fat quickly. That way you will avoid the dreaded rebound effect.

For best results, it is recommended that exercise routines include aerobic, endurance, and cardio activities. But if your biggest obstacle to achieving an ideal weight is lack of time, check out these simple exercises, most can be done from the comfort of your home.

1. Swing squat

With this exercise you will not only burn calories, but you will also exercise your legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. It is one of the most complete. You can learn how to do it here.

2. Climb stairs

Climbing stairs will increase your heart rate as much as or more than running, and you´ll exercise your legs and buttocks like never before. You can follow this routine.

3. Leg lifts

You must have a proper rhythm in order to burn that extra fat and, at the same time, tone the lower part of your body. Follow this routine.

4. String Oscillation

These strings are usually found in gyms, but you can fit them in the comfort of your home. The intention is to do at least 30 seconds in a row; you´ll feel your arms exercising at their best. You can learn how to do this exercise with this tutorial.

5. Rowing

You can do it in a machine like the one in the image, or go rowing. You will burn a lot of calories and your arms will get more strength. Check out this tutorial.

6. Routine Chelsea

This method is for those who are a little more advanced in terms of arm strength, as the series is quite heavy, but you can choose some of the exercises and do them at home.

7. Burpees

You have to do it quite quickly and without losing the rhythm; the ideal would be 30 repetitions in two series of 15 movements. You can guide yourself with this video.

8. Jump rope

A more than complete exercise: with only 15 intense minutes you will have your dose of cardio a day. For best results follow this routine.

9. Squats with jump

You need to do several repetitions so that it also counts as cardio. Remember that the secret is to increase your heart rate, only then will you burn fat. Check out this routine.

10. Bicycle

You can do fixed bike or outdoors, it will depend on your preferences. Try to do an intense ride where there are slopes; ideally you should do this for half an hour. You can copy the following routine and get great benefits without paying a monthly gym fee.