10 Reasons to do the sexy twerking!

10 Reasons to do the sexy twerking!

The twerking is a form of dance that is performed through sensual pelvic movements. Also called perreo or grinding, originated in the late 90´s in Puerto Rico, however, it has become popular thanks to the performances of stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna or Miley Cyrus. Recently we have also seen Madonna, during her Carpool Karaoke, or Kim Kardashian, who shook the Internet by sharing in Instagram her twerking in the water.

Although the twerking has already generated controversy over its movement, experts say that practicing it brings benefits such as increased self-esteem, muscle tone and improved blood circulation.

1. Tonifies muscles

By working in different directions and many movements, all the muscles that make up the gluteal region are stimulated, thus strengthening the entire buttocks.

2. Increases the size of the buttocks

Dancing twerking not only keeps the buttocks strong: it also makes the buttocks lift, improving their appearance and making them more attractive.

3. Stabilizes pelvis and lower back

Increasing the tone of the buttocks is also beneficial for the back, since it is supported by much firmer muscles capable of cushioning the possible impacts that can occur when walking in heels, carrying heavy objects or during a fall.

4. Helps you lose weight

You burn about 600 calories in an hour!

5. No negative effects

If you practice it correctly, you won´t get injuries of any kind. Therefore, you should pay attention to each movement you make and the speed with which you practice it.

6. You don´t just tone your buttocks

Your legs, abdomen and lower back also benefit from dancing.

7. Improve your self-esteem

It helps to connect each woman with her femininity, breaking with social repressions and leaving aside self-imposed psychological barriers.

8. Improves posture and coordination

By synchronizing our movements with the music and perform the dance correctly, dissociating the different areas of our body.

9. Decreases colic

It improves the entire perineal area, as it increases circulation and toning of the area, reducing menstrual cramps and attenuating the symptoms associated with menopause, as well as maintaining its entire structure in childbirth.

10. Eliminates stress

Because of the release of endorphins associated with dance, your mood changes completely.