18 tips that are guaranteed to increase your motivation to run

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced amateur athlete or a professional runner.

Everyone knows days like this.

Days when you just can’t motivate yourself to run.

Sometimes the working day was too stressful, the weather too bad or the desire simply wasn’t there.

But don’t worry: after a day like this, you don’t have to worry about your fitness level for a long time.

Only when you cannot motivate yourself to run for weeks does your running form suffer.

And then your new personal best is in danger!

In order to increase your motivation to run again as quickly as possible, you will find 18 tips in this article to motivate you to run.

Tip 1: Set yourself specific goals

I keep hearing:

At some point I want to run a marathon too!

Unfortunately, this is only a wishful thinking, not a goal.

Because goals are always specific and measurable.

The following objective is therefore much better:

This year I want to run the marathon in Cologne under 4 hours.

That is a realistic, concrete and measurable goal!

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Tip 2: Find a running partner

There’s nothing wrong with running your lap on your own.

On the contrary: If you are traveling alone, you can determine the pace and distance yourself.

Your motivation to go running is increased enormously if you look for a running partner or join a group.

That way you have a responsibility to your running partner.

You will probably think twice about canceling the training!

It’s more fun with two: This also applies to running

Tip 3: Set fixed running dates

Do you currently only run when you have some time?

No question about it, running without pressure to perform is liberating.

However, spontaneous running days are pure poison for your motivation.

Therefore, you should define fixed days on which you regularly go for a run.

This will make your running training routine.

Tip 4: Make your training more varied

Do you always run for an hour? Or do you run the same route over and over again?

Monotony is a real motivational killer.

Just run a predetermined distance – no matter how long it takes.

Or give your running lap a new stimulus with a crisp driving game.

These methods increase your motivation as you focus less on the goal and more on the path.

Tip 5: New running clothes for the right motivation boost

The style goes with you.

That’s one of my favorite sayings.

Even if style is of course a matter of taste: A brand new running outfit, new running accessories or new running shoes will motivate you to go running.

After all, you want to try out the new footwear or test how well your new headphones are held while you run.

So let’s get into your donation pants!

Tip 6: keep a running diary

In the good old days, endurance athletes kept an analog running diary to record their running successes and progress.

In addition to the distance and pace, the weather conditions, diet before and during training and general well-being were also documented.

Thanks to Strava, Trainingpeaks and Runalyze, you can now keep a digital running diary quickly and easily.

In addition to the various metrics such as distance, running time, speed, the tracking platforms also offer you analyzes of your health values ​​(heart rate, calories consumed, sleep, etc.).

You can spend hours evaluating your sporting activities on the platforms.

You also have an insight into the training runs of athletes with whom you have networked.

If you see that your work colleague was already running on a Sunday morning, that will certainly motivate you to lace up your running shoes.

Tip 7: Follow a training plan

Of course, it is also sometimes relaxed to run without a training plan.

However, the motivation to go running is higher with a fixed training plan than without.

Because as soon as you have a set goal, you no longer wonder whether you should go running or not: If a running unit is in a training plan, you run it too!

Even if a training plan increases your motivation to run: Don’t let your training plan scourge you.

Instead of organizing your life according to your training plan, the plan should always be based on your living conditions!

In the spirit of Julie Isphording:

Run often. Run a long time. But never run away from the joy of running.

Tip 8: slowly increase your training volume

As a beginner runner in particular, you are highly motivated and would like to go running every day.

And you’d prefer to increase your running volume every day.

But be careful: excessive demands are an absolute motivational killer!

So take it easy.

Run slowly and only increase your circumference when you can run your house lap faster with the same heart rate.

This way you not only have a healthy training effect, you also keep your motivation to run.

Tip 9: discipline yourself

A bit of self-discipline is also part of it, of course.

Instead of dropping your running training directly into the water when it rains, you can also train on the treadmill in the nearest gym.

Don’t find any problems.

Look for the right solution!

Tip 10: visualize your advantages

Setting the right goal in running is one thing.

But to really see and internalize the goals in front of you is something completely different.

Athletes often use visualization technology. You can do that too:

Imagine your goals and future successes as realistically as possible.

You can also put together a vision board for this.

Whether images, texts, quotes, photos or illustrations – you collect everything that visually reflects your goals on your vision board.

Tip 11: Discover new routes

There are many reasons to go running: Here are 58 reasons why you should start running right away!

One of those reasons is to explore new environments.

Instead of walking the same route every now and then, you should explore areas that you haven’t been to before.

How about a run in the forest?

And don’t worry about getting lost: Most running watches have a so-called TracBack function.

This shows you the direct route to your starting point on your GPS watch.

Incidentally, your motivation to run can also be increased if you go running at a different time of the day.

On unfamiliar terrain, time not only passes faster while running, you also discover new running routes

Tip 12: chase STRAVA segments

Do you know Strava?

Strava is a social network for internet-based tracking of sporting activities such as cycling, jogging, swimming, skiing or rowing.

The nice thing about the online platform are the segments:

As a user, you can create segments and share them with other runners.

The runner who runs the segment as the fastest then holds the digital course record.

And the battle for the segment records can give you a real boost in motivation.

Try to dispute my segments!

Follow me on Strava!

Tip 13: start a running challenge

Speaking of digital running platforms:

There are always running challenges on the various online portals.

You can challenge yourself to run a certain distance in a month or to compete digitally against other users.

Even if you run just for the fun of it, a little running challenge can greatly increase your motivation.

Tip 14: Run with the Zombies, Run! App

Whether Runtastic, Nike Run Club, RunKeeper or Endomondo. Almost every sporting goods manufacturer has its own running app these days.

The functions of the apps hardly differ from each other: All of them record your GPS data so that you can retrace your run at home.

That’s why the Zombies, Run! App is so varied.

Because the app integrates the tracking of your runs into a zombie story in which you save a settlement on more than 200 missions and uncover the secret of the zombie apocalypse.

According to the developer, more than 5 million users are already fleeing the undead.

The app can be used free of charge or for EUR 3.19 per month. In the premium version you can then directly access all missions, additional features and statistics.

To motivate you to run, the free version is definitely sufficient.

Free download: Zombies, run! for iOS and Android

Tip 15: run with music or an audio book

Instead of running your long run, would you rather lie on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book?

Whether Spotify, Deezer or Audible – in addition to music, most streaming services now also offer the latest audio books or the most popular podcasts on the subject of running.

Try going for a run with a nice audio book instead of always having the same playlist on your ears.

Do you still need good sports headphones?

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Tip 16: running videos as a motivational injection

When Eliud Kipchoge made history with the INEOS 1:59 Challenge on October 12, 2019, I was curiously sitting in front of the TV and cheering.

After it became clear that Kipchoge would break the 2-hour sound barrier on the marathon distance, I was so hooked that after attempting the record I immediately laced my running shoes and went running.

The right book or movie about running is a real motivator.

Seeing people grow beyond their limits makes you want to do the same right away.

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Tip 17: Supplement your runs with strength workouts

Do you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your running training?

Then swap your running shoes for normal sports shoes!

Instead of running, you can do something for your running training in your own four walls.

With the right strength training for runners, you not only strengthen your body. You also improve your running style at the same time.

Because the stronger your muscles, the longer you can keep the correct running form upright.

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Tip 18: Register for a competition

What is the best way to motivate yourself to go running?

Real challenges, of course!

You tease out your intrinsic motivation with a real competition.

After all, in a race you want to come to the starting line with the necessary ambition.

And ambition kindles your own self-motivation like wildfire.

What is the reason for the lack of motivation to run?

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Tom gets his friends to paint his aunt’s fence by making idle work great fun.

But would this trick also have worked if Tom had offered his friends money for it?

Probably not.

Because, according to numerous studies, monetary incentives are often useless. Rewards spoil the fun because they turn an interesting task into work.

So do you always need a reward to keep yourself motivated?

Rather not:

Because our reward system in the brain works automatically when you do things that inspire you.

So you should make it out of a motivation hole on your own.

However, if you are unable to motivate yourself to run for a long period of time, it may not be the right sport for you.

What if the bastard can’t be overcome after all?

Of course, even professional runners don’t feel like running.

It’s also no shame if the bastard comes out victorious in the eternal battle with your conscience.

The only important thing is that you don’t let yourself get discouraged by such a setback immediately.

With these 18 motivational tips, you also have 18 quick-witted arguments to stand up to your weaker self in the next fight.

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How do you motivate yourself to go running?