5 effective exercises for a strong core

Who doesn’t know him? The man with the hammer?

If, despite intensive and consistent training in the marathon, you run out of breath, you slow down significantly and can only trot to the finish with heavy legs. Yes, then he got you. The man with the hammer.

There can be many reasons why you suddenly run out of juice in a marathon.

Maybe you started too quickly and already spent your precious energy in the first half of the competition.

It is possible that you did not train enough in the GA-1 area in the run-up to the marathon.

Most likely, however, that you have consistently neglected the strength and stabilization units during marathon training.

Strength training and core workouts are essential for every runner!

Because strengthening the core not only reduces the risk of injury, but also improves your running economy.

Improved running performance thanks to a strong core

The core muscles include the muscles relevant to posture. In other words, the deeper muscles that have an impact on the skeleton and thus on the stability of standing and walking.

These extremely important muscles include the back, abdominal and hip muscles. They support you in maintaining an upright posture, transferring energy and distributing the balance load from your legs to your body.

As a marathon runner, you absolutely need a powerful core in order to be able to keep your running shape upright even over long distances.

When your body can focus solely on running, it wastes less energy keeping you in an upright position.

Energy that is still available to your musculoskeletal system in the last phase of the marathon!

These 5 exercises will make you faster

You only have to invest 15 minutes a day to increase your running performance in the long term!

And the best?

You don’t need a gym membership or additional weights to do this.

Whether quickly and easily after your workout, before going to bed, right after getting up or in the office.

You can do the core workout anytime, anywhere!

Simply do the exercises three times in a row.

But be careful!

As euphoric as you may be now. Slowly approach the core routine.

After all, your muscles need time to regenerate and grow!


Planks appeal not only to the front abdominal muscles, but also to the side abdominal muscles. You also activate your gluteal muscles.

For the plank, lie on your stomach and stand up on your elbow. Your elbows should be shoulder-width apart at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds.

Important: Always keep your body tension upright during this exercise!

Side plank

What is the best exercise for your side abs? The lateral forearm support!

Start in the lateral position. Your legs are closed and stretched. Now lean on your forearm. The elbow is located directly under the shoulder. Lift your hips until your body is in a line from head to toe. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds.

Important: Always keep your body tension upright during this exercise!


The Superman is a classic back exercise for the two back extensors. But you also strengthen your glutes with this exercise.

Raise both arms and legs up in the stretched-out position. At the highest point you hold the tension for 30-60 seconds. Then you relax again.

You repeat this process a few times.


The classic of all 90s fitness videos!

Lie on your back and bend your legs. Now you pull your upper body forward to your knees. Make sure to keep your upper back (shoulders) straight. Your gaze should be straight ahead, your cervical spine should not be curved.

Repeat the crunches until you are completely exhausted.


The beetle is one of the most demanding but also most effective exercises for the stomach. Here you train both the straight and the lateral abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back Your feet are off the floor and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Alternately, the elbows are now brought together to the opposite knee. The opposite leg is stretched out at the same time.

Repeat the beetle until completely exhausted.

The ultimate 30-day core challenge

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