5 swimsuit styles that will suit you according to your body type

5 swimsuit styles that will suit you according to your body type

Going to the beach is an experience that fills you with energy, but you must prepare with time to look incredible and stylish. Finding the right swimsuit can be a challenge. Ideally, it should be comfortable to practice all the activities you want and at the same time highlight your attributes.

The good thing about living in this era is that there are plenty of styles: from full suits, bikinis, tankinis to monikinis. Each of them is flattering for a body type and with our help it will be easier to find the right one for you.

Pear or triangle shape

This type of body is characterized by narrow shoulders and a lot of hip. When choosing a bikini, the ideal is for it to completely cover the buttocks; they can be shorts or pantyhose that reach the waist, with a striking top. One-piece suits go great if you have a print on the top or a pronounced neckline.

Inverted triangle or wide bust

If the upper part of your body is wider, the ideal is to look for a bra with support that covers all your bust and so you do not have danger of showing too much. Avoid the flounces at the top, also opt for wide straps. To complement you can use the bottom to the hip or take advantage of the high waist to look more curvy.

Hourglass or curvilinear

You have the advantage of having a pronounced waist, plus your back and hips are the same width. You can wear bikinis that have the top with straps spaghetti . You´ll love the retro styles with high waist pantyhose and bra with heart neckline. All the cuts of one piece go wonderfully to your figure. You can experiment with monokinis if you want to leave everyone with their mouths open for your curves.

Athletic or rectangular

Your body is characterized by the lack of curves, your thighs and back are wide, but your waist is not very marked. You have the ideal figure to wear bikinis with the top with fringes and striking prints. For the bottom use pantyhose with a low hip to show off your steel abdomen. You´re doing great in one piece with sexy cut-outs.

Apple or round

If you are a robust girl we recommend a tankini, so you will keep everything in its place. You can also wear a bikini with a cut at the waist to see you as a whole pin up . For one piece suits you can opt for those that have integrated girdles to hide the abdomen, flying or designs that make you look more curvilinear.