Tonify your body with these 11 exercises!

7 Exercises to reaffirm GLUTES and get a phenomenal ass

You only have one body and you need to pay attention and not just to look gorgeous and leave everyone surprised. It´s more about self-love. If you want a healthier anatomy then you should invest some of your time and give love to your figure, eating healthily and moving around.

This time we´ll give you a simple exercise routine that tones your buttocks, shapes them and helps you say goodbye to cellulite. All you need is a mat or a mattress, sportswear, a space at home and of course the effort to achieve it.

1. Opening hips

Lie on the mat and open your legs until they pass your shoulders, then join your ankles and lift your chest as if you wanted to fly; hold for 30 seconds and repeat five times. Then extend your legs and bend one while turning it to the opposite side; do the same with the other, 15 times each. This pair of exercises serves to eliminate fat between the back and the birth of the buttocks, as well as relaxing the hip area.

2. Superwoman!

Now put your knees on the floor with the same opening as your shoulders, hands the same. Lift your right leg with your left hand at the same time, alternating with the other side; repeat 30 times, 15 on each side. Then lie on the floor and do the same while keeping your whole body firm. As time passes and you feel more resistant, the number of repetitions increases.

3. Plate time

The plates are very complete at the time of toning the back of the body and at the same time you sculpt your buttocks also work the back, arms and legs. First place four points with knees and elbows, if you can lift on points is better, if you do not use a lighter pose. Then lift your legs alternately, three repetitions of 15 lifts each. Now lift your leg while you stretch your opposite arm, 15 lifts per limb, rest and repeat twice more until you reach 45 repetitions.

4. Bridges with support

For this exercise you will need a chair. Place yourself on your back and raise your legs comfortably. Then stretch your arms straight forward and make sure your neck is not compressed. Lift your hip forward, when you´re done try lifting your hip and at the same time lifting one leg straight up. Repeat both modalities in three rounds of 15 lifts per leg.

5. Kicks in four

Position yourself at four points with the opening of legs and hands equal to the width of your shoulders. You will then alternate kicks to the sides, followed by back kicks extending the tips and finally upward bending your knee. Repeat 15 kicks with each leg on three circuits.

6. Now a little abdominal effort

This exercise works your abdomen as well as stretching the lower part that connects the buttock to the leg. Lie on your back and raise your shoulders along with your chin. Lift your legs parallel to the floor and extend them, try bending one knee to the weight and keep the other straight. Then you´ll do it with both together. Repeat 15 times with each leg, and 15 times with the legs together.

7. Squats are indispensable

Squats are a basics you can´t jump to firm up your butt and legs. The basic way to do them is to open your legs at shoulder level and bend your knees to a 90-degree angle to your thigh. Make sure your back is straight and repeat 15 times, rest and do 30 times more. To complement it, repeat with inward points and then with outward points.