A 10-Minute At-Home Butt And Abs Workout

A 10-Minute At-Home Butt And Abs Workout [stability ball]

Intense Abs & Booty workout you can do at home using a yoga ball! .

A 10-Minute At-Home Butt And Abs Workout

Your glutes and abs muscles might not seem like they work together, but doing a combo butt and abs workout can be a strategic way to work your muscles efficiently and safely.

The body works together, all the muscles as a team,.

Having strong glutes will help to strengthen your entire posterior chain (the muscles along the back of your body), including your low back, which is involved during some core-focused exercises.

I love this workout because these exercises are functional,.

This is vital in your everyday life because it will help you walk, run, sit with proper posture, and even balance.

It’s true: Big weights build big muscles, especially when you’re talking about your glutes and abs.

That said, you can still get a pretty damn good abs and butt workout with just amedicine ball.

This abs and butt workout uses moves that do double duty engaging your core, glutes, and legs all at the same time.

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