Rev Alello

The amazing story behind this photo

Photographers do a great job in portraying moments. There are millions of beautiful, amazing images, but our favorites are usually the ones that have a story behind it.

The story behind the picture accompanying this article is really great so we decided to share with our readers.

Perhaps at first glance, the picture of a priest in a religious ceremony doesnt seem too strange, but if you are retailer, surely you’ve seen something else: the priest is using sneakers.

The reason why this priest, was using sneakers, had nothing to do with fashion or comfort. Read on to discover the fantastic story.


Despite the image that many have of people who give their lives to religion, the Rev. Michael Alello besides being religious is runner and marathoner.

The day of the photo, the Rev. Michael Alello gave a ceremony of 26.2 minutes (referring to the 26 miles of the marathon) some time before the Louisiana Marathon.

But the story does not end there, after giving the ceremony, Rev. Alello ran the marathon and managed to improve their PR in the distance (04.03.28).