Analyzing the Running Technique: Mutai and Mosop

In order to run a marathon, it is necessary to make sure that you have enough energy to finish the 26.2 miles.

An efficient running technique will allow you to save energy during all the race, and you need a lot of practice and training to attain that.

Even though every runner has movements that difference them from other runners, following certain criteria may help you be economic, run faster and avoid injuries.

A good way to start changing your running technique is observing runners with a clean and almost perfect technique.

For that reason, you will now see a short video in which two Kenyan runners, Emanuel Mutai and Moses Mosop, running the 2011 Boston Marathon.

We can observe that these two marathoners’ running techniques share the following characteristics:

– They do not heel strike; they are forefoot strikers.

– In every stride they land  closer to their hips.

– Their arm movement is smooth and coordinated.

– Their movements are moderate to avoid the loss of energy.

– Their trunks are upright, but with a little inclination forwards.


Photo by SNappa2006 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license