Tone Your Arms And Abs With This 15-Minute Workout

Arms and abs workout at home!

When you ask anyone what their favorite body parts are, there are two that always stick out: the abs and the arms. So why not do a fabulous routine for both? That’s just what you have here.

Tone Your Arms And Abs  With This 15-Minute Workout

Two of the parts of the body that worry us the most when summer arrives and we want to start the bikini operation are undoubtedly the arms and the abdomen.

Sometimes, because of the circumstances that surround us, we cannot afford to leave home to go to a center where we can practice physical exercise.

But that does not mean we should give up on it.

Through the exercises that we are going to explain to you, we are going to show you that it is possible to tone arms and abdomen even in the smallest of spaces.

Tips for better arms

Slimming down or toning up your arms is essential when you start your bikini operation.

The best thing about wanting to strengthen this part of the body is that we can do it at home almost effortlessly.

All we need is a liter and a half full bottle of water.

It will act as a dumbbell even when we are sitting on the couch watching TV.

Make different movements by holding it when it is full and do several sets of as many repetitions as you can.

Push yourself a little harder each day.

The exercises you can do are: bend and stretch your arm by bringing the bottle to your chest, stretch your arm from a forty degree position (forming a right angle with your head) and bring it to the ceiling by raising your arms from a natural position to a cross.

Remember that there are many exercises that can be practiced at the beach.

In general, the easiest thing to do outdoors is to do stretches like the one Vanessa Lorenzo is doing in the picture.

Stretching is very important if we want to give our muscles a nice shape.

When we want to lose weight we don’t want to gain muscle mass but to harden and lose volume.

That is why it is very important that we give elasticity to our muscles and joints.

You have to know first of all that it is not possible to lose weight in the arms and nothing else, when we want to lose localized fat, we have to lose weight in general and tone up a lot.

That’s why it’s important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet and reduce your fat intake.

You may think you know how to do this but we always have a lot to learn.

That’s why at the end of this gallery you’ll find some Instagram accounts you can follow to reach your goal this summer.

With diet and exercise in just one month you will notice the difference.

Water retention is one of the main problems for women when summer arrives.

When we don’t eliminate enough water, we feel bloated.

That’s why infusions like horsetail or green tea will help us a lot.

It is important for you to know that miracle diets only make us lose liquids necessary for the functioning of our organism as well as muscle mass.

However, when we drink infusions what they do is nourish us and at the same time take away the toxins that our body does not need.

Don’t think that the bikini operation has caught you and that it no longer gives you time to achieve your goals, slimming arms is still possible if we benefit from water and its possibilities.

Swimming is a healthy and complete exercise that will really help you.

Also try the exercises shown in the video tutorial at the end of this gallery underwater: the effort will be greater and you will not need to gain weight.

Slimming down your arms is one of the best tips for looking good in the summer.

However, it is one of the things we forget when we start our bikini operation.

Toning up our shoulders is an unavoidable requirement if we want to show off a nice cleavage and achieving it is easier than you might think.

Isn’t it true that the tricks we have shown you in the gallery are easy to put into practice? The exercises we have shown you can be practiced at home at any time of the day.

If you live with someone, invite them to practice the movements we have described while you watch TV, for example.

Another exercise that you can do without anyone knowing is the abdominal
Remember that miracle diets lead nowhere and that losing weight in the summer is not achieved by stopping eating or reducing caloric intake without knowledge.

What we really need to do is distinguish bad fats from healthy ones and eat a balanced diet.

That’s the first step to losing weight in your arms.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ll recommend some Instagram accounts to follow if you want to start taking care of yourself:
Arm weight loss is easy if you follow these Instagram accounts and follow the tips in our gallery.

Don’t think the effects will be immediate.

Consistency is always the key to success.

Here’s a video of exercises you can practice at home, just like we told you in the gallery.