Four benefits of running in the cold

run in the cold

In a greater or lesser extent, sometime during the year,  your city will be cold. Even when some runners are afraid of winter and they use it as excuse to stop working out, the truth is that lower temperatures are ideal for your running performance.

Your body needs time to adapt and improve the requirements of your normal training, so it is vital that you make the effort of running frequently all year long.

It is important that you try running in hot or cold weather, with low or high motivation, with or without friends, when preparing for a big race of reaching new goals.

Working out constantly and consistently all year long (not only in a good weather) and turning running into a pleasant habit is vital.

It is better to work out regularly in small amounts than to letting it go completely just because you don’t like the weather.

So, to help you be convinced of running when on the winter, we want to show you the great benefits of running in the cold. 


Cold season in your city, is the ideal time to work and focus on your endurance development.

Low temperatures are perfect to progressively increase your workout volume (distance) and improve your endurance. Cold weather is ideal to do long runs (longest workout of the week).

On the contrary, doing these long workouts in a hot weather can be very difficult (not impossible). In a cold weather out body needs less work to keep us at a balanced body temperature (close to 98 ºF), so long workouts require less endurance.

The miles you run during your workouts are the backbone of a runner’s training plan.

When you train, if you run very little, you will not improve as a runner, but if you increase the miles too fast, your body will suffer and you will not be able to remain healthy and injury-free.

Therefore, it is important that you evenly increase the miles you run, letting your body to adapt to the new workloads, and so, reduce the chances of an injury.


While strength training is crucial for runners, it is one of the most forgotten aspects for a lot of them.

Strength training does not mean to hypertrophy our muscles (increase the size), but to turn them into powerfull muscles that can withstand the running demands.

There are a lot of benefits by doing a strength workout, but the possibility of increasing the performance and reducing injuries stands out.

Even when strength training can be done comfortably at home, there are many runners that prefer to go regularly to a gym.

The wide variety of machines, bars and weights can be very attractive to those who are looking for a maximum strength improvement.

Nevertheless, when hot weather is approaching, gyms are filled with people looking to recover their figure to flaunt their bodies at the beach. This turns out with gyms filled with desperate people.


Unfortunately, injuries are very common among runners, being the knees, feet and ankles, hips, Achilles heel and calves the most common injured areas in the body.

The most common injuries for runners are: patellofemoral syndrome, Iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, patellar tendinitis and Achilles.

Taking advantage of working out during cold season to increase your distance and develop your strength will not only help in getting a better performance, but it will also help you having less injuries during the year.

Gaining more miles in your weekly run will help your body to adapt to longer and faster races.

As you improve the base of miles you can run, the harder you will be able to train when preparing for races, so you will have better chances at accomplishing your goals.


It is normal that, when it’s cold, you will feel lazy when it’s time to go out for a run and you might want to stay at home.

To overcome adversities and push your own boundaries is a perfect way to forge a runner’s character.

It helps you to know that you are a runner who doesn’t give up and will overcome any difficult moments during a race.

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