Calcium sources for runners | #Nutrition

Although most people believe that calcium is only important for the bones well being, it is also an important electrolyte, essential for the muscles, blood vessels and nervous system performance.

Even when calcium is the most common mineral in our body (thanks to the bones), it is critical to consume calcium rich food.

The necessary daily intake of this mineral is about 1000/1300 mg of calcium a day, so here we will show you some calcium rich food, aside from milk and dairy, perfect for runners.


Our favorite calcium sources, for their flavor and concentration are:


Despite their small size, sardines are a powerful calcium source. 100 grams provide approximately 382 mg of calcium and 272 IU of vitamin D.


Nuts should always be in every long distance runner’s diet, almonds being one of the best.

Calcium content in almonds is of 251 mg per 100 g, overpassing by far milk’s content (119 mg per 100 g).


Oranges are well known for their input of vitamin C, but they are also a very good source of calcium.

A medium size orange can input approximately 65 mg of calcium to the body.


Just as chia, despite the small size, sesame is a very nutritious food.

A tea spoon of sesame seeds, contains approximately 88 mg of calcium, more than enough amount for such a small piece.


A cup of beans contains 191 mg of calcium (19% of the recommended daily intake), and it is also a great source of iron.

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Besides consuming these foods rich in calcium, it is vital that your diet also includes foods rich in vitamin D, as it increases the calcium absorption rate in your body.



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