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A Trick to Cheat your Mind during the 13.1 and 26.2 Mile Races

The last miles of a half marathon and a marathon can be really hard from a physical point of view, but the psychological struggle can start long before.

So, in a half marathon, the 8/11 miles tend to be the hardest for the mind since the accumulated tiredness increases and the finish line is still far away.

In a marathon something similar but more dangerous occurs.  The 15/21 miles are hard for the mind, but the following miles are harder for the body.

Of course, if you have been consistent and persistent with your training plan and if your physical condition is  optimum , the effects are lower. However, in distances like the 13.1 and 26.2 mile races, it is impossible not to feel the exhaustion symptoms.

For that reason, we will now tell you a trick to cheat your mind in the 13.1 and the 26.2 mile races, thus managing to overcome the challenge successfully.


For those who suffer knowing that there are many miles left to finish the race, the following techniques may be useful to cheat their minds:


To avoid feeling mental exhaustion in a long distance race, divide it strategically in smaller races, setting goals for each of them.

In a marathon, there are multiple possibilities, and the best is to find your “perfect division” by trying it during your long runs.

One of the alternatives that most runners apply during a marathon, is to divide the race in a half marathon (13.1 miles), then in two 10k, trying to finish with a mini-race of 1306 yards.

In a half marathon, the alternative could be similar, dividing the distance in two intervals of 10k and finishing at your highest speed in the last mile.

flickr photo by El Coleccionista de Instantes shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license