Amazing Devices to Analyze your Running Performance

The technology applied to sports is constantly growing, especially in USA, where extremely novel devices can be found.

Even though we believe that you do not need to use so many devices to enjoy running some miles, we know that many of our readers love technology.

For that reason, while surfing the web, we found some really incredible devices that can contribute to the analysis of a runner’s performance.

Since most of these devices are as expensive as innovative, we ask you not to get scared of their prices.

“LEO”, a sportsband

“Leo” is a belt that assesses and analyzes the heart rhythm, the muscular intensity and the hydration during physical activity.

Differently from other devices, “Leo” is worn on the legs, which allows it to obtain information in a runner’s or cyclist’s most active parts of their bodies.

Apart from that, Leo’s inventors promise to give information about the level of muscular fatigue, tell you when there are muscular imbalances or an inadequate muscular coordination, analyze your running technique and many other things.

Learn more about this device visiting its website ( and watching this video:

Rooti W / Me2, a biosensor

W / Me2 is a compact biosensor that permanently gathers biometric data in real time for those who are willing to use it.

Rooti W/Me2 controls your heart frequency during the day and while you do exercise and analyzes the variability of your heart frequency, fatigue levels, stress, sleeping quality, breathing rhythm, etc.

This device seems to be quite versatile when using it since it can be used on t-shirts, as a wristband and even as a patch on the skin.

Based on the information gathered during the daily activity and during trainings, this device could be interesting to detect improvements in your performance and avoid overtraining.

Learn more about Rooti W/Me2 visiting its website (

CUR, a band to do away with pain 

Muscular pain after trainings and races can be problematic for a runner.

CUR belt, uses an electro stimulation system to reduce pain. Its main advantage is its tiny size.

According to their inventors, it may help reduce back, neck, shoulder and knee aches as well as most types of chronic pain like, arthritis.

Learn more about it visiting its website (

TRACKY +, clothes for performance

Tracky + is a training “garment” that allows you to capture every movement in your body in 3D images, measure your heart frequency, your body temperature and your breathing patterns.

By gathering all that information, Tracky + promises to help its users to assess and improve their performance.

Learn more about it in its website (

flickr photo by emperley3 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license