Enough sitting! Find out why sitting ruins your ass!

Enough sitting! Find out why sitting ruins your ass!

We hear countless times that sitting for a long time is not good for your health. The sedentary life does not bring benefits, on the contrary, it causes obesity, overweight, risks of suffering cancer, problems to sleep, among other evils.

One of the consequences of which little is said and which, at first glance, may seem like a joke but it is not, is the Dead Ass Syndrome, is also known by the name of gluteal amnesia.

How does dead-butt syndrome happen?

Chiropractor Andrew Bang has analyzed various injuries caused by this syndrome that manifests itself when the middle gluteus tries to stabilize the pelvis in a forced way. In simpler terms, it comes from sitting in a hard chair, in which we try to settle in repeatedly during the day.

One way to detect this syndrome is through a simple exercise:

The patient is standing and asked to lift his or her legs, if the pelvis sinks on the side of the body on which he or she lifted the leg, indicating weakness in the middle buttock on the opposite side.

All girls are at risk

Not only sedentary girls can suffer from this syndrome, there are also active women who have it.

It can occur in very active individuals who simply don´t work the buttock muscles enough. -Kristen Schuyten, physical therapist at Michigan Medical Center.

Its consequences are serious

This silent syndrome causes: pain in the lower back and hip, as well as problems in the knees and ankles.

The specialists want to help you

Doctors recommend resting from the chair, getting up and walking, stretching your legs, setting an alarm every hour to flex your butt muscles; dancing, jogging, and running are also an excellent option.