The launch of Barra Libre is already dated. Will be the 30 of April, and today the pre-sale opens.

The book is structured in four large sections.

Section I – Train Like a Man

From a physical point of view, we are talking about prioritizing strength as the main physical quality, on which we will build the others, such as power and muscular endurance. The goal is to distill the process of muscle gain, strength and physical attractiveness to its essence.

We will see how your muscles respond to training and how to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time, through different phases that bring you closer to your genetic potential.

You will learn to structure a long-term schedule. We will analyze the different pieces to take into account, and how to combine them in the best way.

No endless sessions with multiple isolation exercises for each muscle group. We are looking for a natural body that works in an integrated way. No machines, no complications. You and your bar. Spend 4-5 hours a week on it and you will be amazed at the results.

Section II – Eat like an animal

We propose a return to real food, which every man has until now considered the sustenance of the body. No light bars, colored cereals or industrial products. No animal in nature diets. Your muscles need quality energy. Manipulating food correctly (quantity and quality) is the fastest way to achieve change in your body.

eat like an animal

We incorporate the few supplements that have stood the test of time, with unquestionable scientific support. We optimize your intake according to each phase of the program to obtain the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.

Section III – Think like a Leader

The body cannot achieve what the mind cannot imagine. The problem for many men is not physical disability or lack of information. It is lack of ambition, lack of will, lack of confidence. No food or exercise can change this. You must change your mind first. We will see the traits common to the great men of history. You will learn to think and behave like a leader. Your mind affects your biology, and your biology determines your results.

think like leader

Section IV – Open Bar: The program

After detailing each of the pieces, it is time to put them together in a specific program. The program includes four phases, each one built on the previous one, but also with its own entity and usable separately. You will learn how. This is the overview.


Launch seminar

Free Bar is not only a training and eating program, it teaches you the principles and the reasons for each of the program’s decisions. The objective is that you clearly understand the bases of Free Bar, to use this knowledge in the future in designing your own routines and diets based on your long-term goals.

To facilitate this learning we will do an online seminar, which will take place on two different dates, April 18 and 20, with the following structure.


There will also be a round of questions and answers to clarify any of the aspects that we will cover.

Price and terms

The special introductory price is 14.95 euros.

The discount is maintained until the launch day (April 30), but only those who buy before April 15 they will be able to participate in the live seminars. Update April 16: You will no longer be able to participate in the live seminars, but if you buy now you will see the recording of the seminar at the moment, ahead of the April 30 release.

Note: The book is 100% digital, in PDF, mobi (Kindle) and epub versions. No physical material is shipped.

The time to start building muscle is now.

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