From Hot to Cold:5 Shocking cold shower benefits

From Hot to Cold:5 Shocking cold shower benefits REAL BENEFITS

Many people shy away from cold showers, unless they really had to, or are forced by situations beyond their control.

And while taking a cold shower may seem counterintuitive at first glance, it’s actually beneficial for both the mind and body.

For instance, cold showers keep you alert, mainly due to its effects on the body, which we will be tackling on in a while, so just stick around.

When a person’s sense of alertness and invigoration is heightened, this could prompt her/him to be engaged in physical activities.

Thousands of people around the globe are already incorporating cold showers into their daily lives.

From Hot to Cold:5 Shocking cold shower benefits

The five main benefits reported by people who regularly take cold showers are as follows:

1- Boosts mood

It’s no surprise how everyone feels a bit groggy when getting out of the bed.

This probably explains why ‘mourning’ and ‘morning’ sounds the same.

So, if you’re one of those people who struggle most mornings, taking a cold shower before heading off is an excellent idea.

Having cold water pour all over your body will cause your breathing to deepen in response to the sudden cold sensation.

This also increases your heart rate, causing a blood rush through your body that will instantly amplify your energy for the day.


Helps burn fat

Research has revealed that cold showers, or any exposure to cold, apart from directly boosting the metabolic rate, can promote the production of brown fat.

Don’t worry, because this time, this certain type of fat tissue is a good one.

When under extreme cold, brown fat activates by burning calories to keep you warm.

As such, cold showers are an effective method for people who want to lose a couple of pounds without much effort on their part.

3- Strengthens the immune system

As we have covered before, cold showers boost your metabolic rate.

When this happens, it activates your immune system, which in turn, produces more white blood cells.

These blood cells protect your body against diseases, lowering the risk of getting sick.

Moreover, cold showers help increase the overall blood circulation, helping you ward off hypertension and hardened arteries.


Improves recovery after exercise

You probably don’t know this, but many athletes undergo cold water immersion therapy wherein their body is submerged in ice or cold bath.

Physical therapists who specialize in sports suggested that cold temperatures can quickly lessen inflammation and alleviate heat exertion.

Anyway, athlete or not, after you’ve had a tiring exercise or a physically exhausting day, taking a quick cold shower keeps the soreness away.

5- Better hair and skin

If you’re looking for a simple way to minimize the appearance of acne and/or pores, cold showers can help.

Heat dries out the skin, however, cold water tightens your pores, thus, preventing them from getting clogged.

Having a cold shower every day also helps promote shinier and healthier hair.

The cold water closes your cuticles, decreasing the chances of dirt building up in your scalp.

Cold showers have plenty of benefits.

Some people who take frequent cold baths or showers just don’t realize how much it helped them.

But for those who aren’t fond of cold showers, hopefully, this video has convinced you otherwise.

From Hot to Cold:5 Shocking cold shower benefits