Full Body Kettlebell Workout to BURN SERIOUS FAT

Full Body Kettlebell Workout to BURN SERIOUS FAT

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Today we are going to show you: Full Body Kettlebell Workout to BURN SERIOUS FAT.

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Full Body Kettlebell Workout to BURN SERIOUS FAT

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Let’s start with: Full Body Kettlebell Workout to Gat Decor Passion (BURN SERIOUS FAT).

Hey guys.

Had to throw together this quick freestyle full body kettlebell fat burning workout after this song popped up today and reminded how much I love this old school tune

Passion by Gat Decor.

Had to use the (naked mix version) as sadly youtube wouldn’t allow for the original but still a classic

I just picked some exercise off the top of my head as the music was playing and rolled with it for a quick workout lol

(Why not Repeat 3 time to make into a killer quick 12 minute workout.

Perfect for a quick home workout also .

Have more in the tank ? then simply repeat another couple of times)

On top of our regular video’s and workouts , I am going to try adding a few more workout vids you can try , but doing them to different songs that get me motivated for a workout

My music choice and artists I like to workout to varies greatly from dance to rap to hip hop to rock so there is going to be a variety of different songs to a load of different types of workouts

A bit of fun and something a little different.

I will put these also into a playlist on the channel

Let me know in the comments section what music gets you pumped for a workout.

Give me your suggestions.

If I like it I may just make a video to it and give you a shout out in the video :-)

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