new runners

8 Golden Rules for New Runners

A new runner have to follow some simple rules to perform like the bests and  run more miles, faster and without injuries.

These are the 8 Golden Rules for New Runners:

1. Progression

Increase weekly training mileage in a progressive way.

For new runners a good idea is that  no more than 10 percent per week.

2.- The eating

Wait for about two hours after a meal before running. You dont need food on your stomach while you run.

Don’t eat or drink anything new before or during a race or hard workout.

3.- Windy days

Expect to run slower on windy days. A headwind always slows you down more than a tailwind speeds you up.

4.- Run slow

A new runner has to run slow, is more safe and you dont need to run at full speed.

You should be able to talk in complete sentences while running.

5.- Be safe

If you run on the streets of your city be safe and run facing traffic.

Traffic Lights: What to do when they are in red

6.- Sleep more

The more you train, the more you need to sleep. Rest and recovery are essential for your health and performance.

7.- More than running

Runners who only run are prone to injury. Strenght training, stretching, resting, eating healthy are only a few things you have to do to be a better runner.

8.- Dress code

Dress for runs as if it’s 10 degrees warmer than the thermometer actually reads