Goose Run 2018: My first competition victory

Okay okay I admit the headline is a little sensational.

To an overall victory at Goose Run 2018 in Monheim it wasn’t quite enough. Even so, the heading of this article is not entirely wrong either. Because while it was only enough for 4th place in the overall standings, I was the fastest in my age group.

And since moments like this are rare, I’ll try this one victory of course completely.

The Gänseliesel is the landmark of Monheim am Rhein. Almost everything in town revolves around the maid who tries to get her cackling poultry to shut up

Goose Run 2018

Monheim am Rhein – who doesn’t know the tranquil town?

The annual goose run is organized by the local athletics club – the SG Monheim. The runners have different options Competitions to choose from: In addition to a 5-kilometer and a 10-kilometer run, the younger generation can take part Underdistances like participating in 900m or 2-kilometer runs.

Just two days before the competition, a friend of mine had me Run Squad CGN asked if I wanted to pace her to a new 10-kilometer personal best. When I heard that you were in Monheim can start over 5 kilometers, I was there right away. Because I hadn’t participated in a 5-kilometer competition in ages.

In addition, after my unsuccessful attempt at # Breaking3, my coach and I decided to focus on improving my 5 and 10 kilometer best times to lay. To one Marathon in under three hours To run, you should be able to run the 5 and 10 kilometers in under 20 minutes and in under 40 minutes, respectively.

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the short distances. Because in contrast to the half marathon or for a marathon, competitions over 5 or 10 kilometers demand everything from you. Run at the absolute limit.

The only advantage of these two distances? It’s easy to get back in the shower!

The leadership team firmly in view

My Competition strategy intended to increase the pace by five seconds after every kilometer. At a Start speed from 4:00 min / km I would run the last kilometer in 3:40 min / km.

After a short WarmUp and a few Running ABC exercises I lined up in the starting block. Unfortunately, I had lost sight of time a bit, which is why I was only able to get a seat in the third row.

Unfortunately, there was a horde of wild kids in front of me, nervously excited about the start. When the starting gun was fired, I first had to bend to the slower pace and keep up with the slalom fight forward. Only after a few hundred meters did I have mine Target space achieved.

Full of amazement, I was only a few meters behind the Leadership group. I’ve never been able to keep up with the leading runners in my life. But on a placement among the Top 3 I thought it was completely absurd to ogle – the other runners would certainly increase the pace.

So I ran my pace. Thanks heightened Adrenaline levels but a little faster than the targeted 4:00 min / km.

Of the Circuit was almost 2.5 kilometers long. Conversely, this means: We had to run two laps. The route was not particularly demanding as it was mainly run on the flat streets of the city center. There were two small climbs, but they could be climbed at a constant pace without any problems.

With the courage to set a new record

The Monheimers were a very atmospheric people that day. Of course the sunny weather has the the atmosphere played into the cards, because many residents had it with deck chairs or Beer tent set made comfortable at the roadside.

Again and again you were cheered on or with you Garden hose cooled down. One man was even so kind to me current placement to call out. I was immensely motivated that the man in front of me was only a few seconds ahead of me. I stepped up the pace one more time!

At the beginning of the second lap I was on a safe one fifth place. I was able to increase the distance to the man behind to a few hundred meters. At the same time, I shortened the lead of the man in front of me.

Especially on the climbs, the leading runners seemed to have to bite. The small climbs, on the other hand, weren’t much of a problem for me.

When I noticed that the man in front was already on the Gums is running, I increased my pace one last time after the last climb. In the slipstream of my opponent, I tacked his heels in order to overtake him at the right time.

We turned in 300 meters from the finish line Head to head racethat I could just decide for myself. Almost at the same time we crossed the finish line 19:19 minutes.

At that point in time, I wasn’t aware of the overall position I ended up on. The overtaking maneuver was more of a victory against the inner weaker self as an ambitious attempt to jump onto the podium.

In the finish area I found out how close the race was: The Leadership group I crossed the finish line just nine seconds ahead of me.

My Overall placement At that moment, however, was a minor matter. All that mattered was my new one personal best!

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There’s the thing! It was not enough for the overall victory, but for the victory in the age group m30. The trophy is still doing well in my apartment

After the race is before the race

After my successful competition I almost suppressed the fact that I should still pace Franzi in the 10-kilometer run.

It was a good 40 minutes until the start. So there is still enough time to prepare for the second run of the day. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to relax, loosen up and relax in the local elementary school rehydrate to be able to. In addition, a fresh running shirt had to be found.

Franzi wanted the 10 kilometers under 45 minutes to run. This corresponds to a pace of just under 4:30 min / km.

Shortly before the start then the same game: placement in one of the middle rows, slalom through the masses of the runner, leveling off at the target space.

While turning around the front runners was still relatively easy, the one commuted Target space quite correct one. Because Franzi presented an unbelievable pace. To make matters worse, the first part of the route was downhill. But I by no means had the feeling that I had to brake Franzi – if it works, then it works!

So we were pretty brisk for the first few kilometers. It wasn’t until the second half that I had the feeling that Franzi was slowly but surely running out of breath. The plan now was to keep the competition in a constant state 4:30 cut to run to the end. At this point we were already on the last lap.

After exactly 44:46 minutes we had the 10-kilometer competition with a new one personal best ended for Franzi.

But that’s not all: after the results were posted, we were amazed to see that we were both in the Overall classement of the respective competitions fourth place have occupied.

Result Robin (5 km): 4th place overall, 1st place AG (00:19:19)
Result Franzi (10 km): 4th place overall, 2nd place AK (00:45:21)