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“The 3 x 3” | Half Marathon Workout

Running 13.1 miles (21 kilometers), will inevitably take you more time and energy that a 5k, 8k or 10k races and that’s why training to a half marathon requires major perseverance and consistence compared to shorter races.

In order to enjoy this kind of long but fast races, it is necessary to do workouts  specifically created to prepare your body and mind to withstand the 13 miles.

One of our specific half marathon workout is  “ The 3 x 3”, which is a hard, but full of satisfactions training (obviously, after finishing it).


The main goal of the “the 3 x 3” will be to run 3 sets of 3 miles repeats at a speed slightly slower (no more than 5 seconds) or equal to the estimated pace for your next half marathon.

For example, if you want to run the half marathon in 01:30:00 (a pace of 06:48 minutes per mile), the 3-mile series will have to be run at that same pace.

The key of this workout is to run at a fast pace continuously, trying to run in a fast but controlled way. To accomplish this, it will be necessary for you,  to control your anxiety during the first sets and during every first mile of every set.

Try to avoid the mistake of beginning too fast and finding you having to significantly reduce your speed for the last series.

Lastly, we suggest you to include this training during the last 6 weeks before your next big race, and after doing a suitable building phase based in the gradual increasing of your milage.


The way to do this workout is the following:

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1. Do a warm up that includes a 10/15 minute slow pace jog.

2. Run your first 3 miles.

3. Walk for 02:30 minutes.

4. Run the second set of 3 miles.

5. Walk 02:00 minutes (thirty seconds less than the last resting interval)

6. Run the third 3-mile set.

7. Cool down with a 5/10 minute jog.


flickr photo by g&sphotography http://flickr.com/photos/ginoandsharonphotography/12887704024 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license