Half marathon workout: “The Penta Two Miles”

A half marathon is a suitable distance for those runners that are willing to defy their endurance and speed to its limits.

If you have trained correctly for a half marathon, it is possible to finish it without the exhaustion and fatigue of longer distances, such as the marathon.

To do it you will need experience, good nutrition and excellent workouts to let you get used to the physical and mental demands of running fast and withstanding discomfort and weariness.

To accomplish it, today’s article proposes a hard workout that will let you simulate some of the sensations of running half a marathon.


What it is:

The Penta Two Miles is a workout in wich you must run 5 repeats of 2 miles at 21k  race pace and walk for 1 minute between every repeat.

When you have finished this workout,  you’ve run 10 miles at half marathon race pace so  it will be possible to assess  your performance and decide what to do in your next race.

When to do it:

The best moment to do this workout is from 4 to 8 weeks before the race. At this moment you should have a good physical fitness and great foundations to withstand the Penta Two Miles demand.

It is important to know that this workout is specially demanding for your body and it is necessary to be in optimal physical conditions.

Besides, in order to avoid injuries, it is important to avoid doing this workout in consecutive days (1 time per week is enough) and avoid doing any other hard workout in the next 48 to 72 hours.


Before doing this workout, it is important to remember doing a warm up that allows your body to prepare for the training.

It is important that the warm up has a 10-minute mild jog and stretching.

Lastly, immediately after finishing the workout, start your recovery, focusing in a healthy nutrition and starting the recovery and repairing processes that will let you assimilate this workout and minimize injuries.

flickr photo by El Coleccionista de Instantes http://flickr.com/photos/azuaje/8527861849 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license