[Home Dumbbell Workout] 12 Minute Upper Body Routine

[Home Dumbbell Workout] 12 Minute Upper Body Routine

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Today we are going to show you: [Home Dumbbell Workout] 12 Minute Upper Body Routine.

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[Home Dumbbell Workout] 12 Minute Upper Body Routine

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Let’s start with: 12 Minute Total Upper Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout Routine to Nas – Get Down,.

Hey guys.

Hitting a 12 minute Total Upper Body Home Dumbbell Workout here with a little bit of twist.

(Repeat 3 time to make into a killer quick 12 minute workout.

Have more in the tank ? then simply repeat another couple of times)

On top of our regular video’s and workouts , I am going to try adding a few more workout vids you can try , but doing them to different songs that get me motivated for a workout

My music choice and artists I like to workout to varies greatly from dance to rap to hip hop to rock so there is going to be a variety of different songs to a load of different types of workouts

A bit of fun and something a little different.

I will put these also into a playlist on the channel

Today’s workout is to ‘Get down by Nas’.

Let me know in the comments section what music gets you pumped for a workout.

Give me your suggestions.

If I like it I may just make a video to it and give you a shout out in the video :-)

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