How celebrities train! 15 Hacks that WORKS!

How celebrities train! 15 Hacks that WORKS!

Exercise makes us happy, well said Elle Woods:

Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don´t shoot their husbands, they don´t do it.

The mental and physical wellness provided by training makes your self-esteem and overall health better. It´s normal to feel lazy when thinking about playing sports, especially if you´re not used to it, maybe it´s because you haven´t found the activity that motivates you to move.

We invite you to get inspired and try some celebrity fitness workouts. You can also have an enviable figure and enjoy the benefits of different activities that are dynamic and fun.

1. Gigi Hadid practices boxing

Boxing is an aerobic activity that burns a lot of fat. Practicing this sport includes a session of sprint, jumping rope and learning to hit. The blood circulation increases and improves the respiratory system. In addition, coaches always demand the best from you. It´s perfect for relaxing daily stresses and losing weight quickly, while toning up.

2. Bella Thorne strives on the weights

Weights are perfect for getting rid of fat, eliminating stress and avoiding heart disease. Repetitions alternate between burning adipose tissue and toning muscles. It´s a perfect activity for shaping your figure, especially if you´re very thin.

3. Ellie Goulding goes for a run

Running makes your body thinner, giving you more endurance, strength, agility and flexibility. Your skin will become brighter, relieves headaches and best of all it relaxes. You can run for 20 minutes a day to get rid of everyday stress.

4. Nina Dobrev is not afraid to climb

Wall climbing is an excellent sport for girls who love risk. If you hate being inside a room doing repetitive activities, then this is for you. Each route is different and the height factor causes you to secrete adrenaline. Tone up as you learn to listen to your body.

5. Annasophia Robb has an abdomen of envy thanks to aerial dance

Aerial dance combines toning exercises practiced by gymnasts and dancers. It mainly sculpts the abdomen, legs, buttocks and back. You learn to work with your own weight and every day is a new challenge; at the same time that you exercise, you practice the art of dancing at height.

6. Victoria´s Secret Izabel Goulart model is kept practicing TRX

This exercise combines yoga postures with training routines of the members of the navy. In this way your body is toned and shaped. Suspension belts make you develop more endurance and learn to carry your own weight.

7. Lucy Hale practices soccer to exercise and socialize

If you like outdoor activities and meeting people, then the suggestion for you is a team sport. Basketball, volleyball or soccer involve various types of training and the social factor adds a plus . You will be able to stay in shape and at the same time make new friends.

8. Victoria Justice swims and snorkels

Swimming is a very relaxing activity in which the whole body works. With swimming you learn to manage your limbs in a coordinated way, to breathe correctly and your endurance increases. It slows down the aging process and improves memory; it is also excellent for burning calories.

9. Lea Michele practices yoga

Yoga is a discipline that has many benefits: it improves circulation, keeps your muscles toned, you learn to use every inch of your body, and you will become more flexible. It may seem like a relaxed discipline, but in reality it is quite a challenge to achieve and maintain the correct postures. It´s rejuvenating, your skin looks better and regulates hormonal cycles.

10. Demi Lovato complements her routine by jumping rope

Jumping rope is a complementary activity that is perfect for burning fat, toning up and having fun. It offers muscular resistance, it is a very practical exercise, because you only need the rope and a medium space to begin your routine.

11. Selena Gomez practices pilates

Pilates improves the ability to breathe, and is perfect if you suffer back pain, as it strengthens this area and the abdomen. They help you sleep better, correct body posture, keep your body slim and toned.

12. Jessica Biel hiking

For nature lovers, hiking is an activity that will keep them busy seeing beautiful scenery while burning calories as they walk along difficult trails. You can walk one hour uphill, another as if you were climbing steps. Maybe it´s not something to do every day, but it´s perfect for escaping from the city and exercising at the same time.

13. For legs of envy, ballet beautiful as Alexa Chung

The ballet beautiful is a mixture of classical ballet and fitness. This is Victoria´s Secret´s angel discipline. It tones the body and maintains a feminine silhouette, long and strong muscles. It´s perfect for fighting cellulite and envious abdominals. As it´s a workout that´s only on Soho or the Upper East Side, the classes are also online.

14. Jordan Dunn practices barrecore

It is the mixture of the bar exercises that are practiced in the ballet, with leg lifts; it includes high intensity exercises in short intervals of time. It is a discipline that allows you to burn many calories and work the most conflictive areas of the female body such as abdomen, buttocks and hip.

15. Kate Hudson is maintained with plates

As much as you want to avoid them, irons are super-beneficial and sculpt parts of the body that other exercises do not. If you want to have a firm back and arms, there is no better option than the dreaded lizards .