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I Quit Sugar For 30 Days And This Is What Happened [amazing results]

Find out what happens when you stop eating sugar for 30 days. Discover the benefits of completely eliminating sweets and foods with sugar.

I Quit Sugar For 30 Days And This Is What Happened

Fact: sugar is everywhere.

Some of the most memorable and grandest times in our lives are celebrated with sugary foods and drinks.

In fact, manufacturers revealed that 74% of the processed foods they make have sugar.

In other words, some foods that you never thought are “sweet” can actually include sugar as an ingredient.

The problem with sugar that it isn’t just a threat to a person’s dental health.

Consuming too much sugar contributes to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Simply put, it can result in chronic health issues, or worse, premature death.

This is why some people have decided to cut back on their sugar intake.

Others took this method up a notch by going without sugar for a month to see what will happen to their body.

Surprisingly (or not), many people have benefitted quite a lot from this no-sugar-for-30-days ordeal.

Join us as we go through each of these benefits in this video.

So stay tuned, okay?


Increased focus and mental clarity

For the first two weeks, you may experience a few nights of poor sleep.

If not, then your work hours could feel longer than usual during those times.

However, after the 2-week phase of no sugar has passed, you will be feeling much better.

You won’t be in haze anymore and you will be feeling more focused and experience a boost in mental clarity.

You could think of that phase as you going through a bit of sugar detox.


No energy slumps

Once your body is through with the initial adjustments stage, you won’t be experiencing the typical blood sugar ebbs and flows.

Instead, your energy levels will go up and your body will no longer be craving for a sugary treat to give you a boost.

What’s more, your afternoon slumps will be gone too and you won’t be looking for a sugar fix to alleviate such feelings.

Perhaps, it was your body’s response to being forced to cope without quick sugary consumptions that previously provided so much energy.


Better skin

As you go by without sugar, you’ll notice that your skin has a healthy glow on it.

Your T-Zone (i.


, nose and forehead) will be less oily.

Excess sugar consumption is one of the causes of oily skin.

Therefore, instead of using skincare products, maybe it’s better to solve a skin issue by knowing what’s going inside your body.

This way, you can address the problem as naturally as possible, without having to spend your money on expensive products.


Improved relationship with sugar

Are you used to having a spoonful of ice cream or any other sugar-packed treats every after dinner?

If so, then following a 30-day-no-sugar diet will make you realize how much you’re carelessly consuming sugar.


Wrapping up
Again, sugar is lurking everywhere.

So, the next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to read the labels of each item.

Remember that sugar comes in several forms.

A food label may not explicitly say “sugar,” but if the words end in “ose,” then it means it’s still considered sugar.

The BEST tips to loose weight

Today we show you the top 30 tips that really work for you to lose weight for good and maintain a healthy weight.

That’s all you need to know! Start with something you can do to lose weight: a 30-minute walk after dinner.

Don’t worry too much about the speed or distance you walk.

Just walk, 15 minutes each way, 15 minutes each way.

If you don’t feel safe in the evening, walk after dinner or at your best time of day.

The purpose of the exercise is to create the habit of moving.

It is a very simple way to create new habits.

Later, these walks can be replaced by more vigorous physical or cardiovascular activities such as running or walking on an elliptical.

No time to walk? Incorporate some of these tips into your daily routine to walk more.

Our supermarket routine is part of our psyche.

We always take the same items over and over again and it’s a habit that’s very hard to break.

If you are used to incorporating broccoli, carrots, strawberries, fish, whole grain bread, a bag of legumes and nuts, it wouldn’t be a problem to keep it up every week.

On the other hand, if you are overweight and want to lose weight, chances are your habits are not as good.

Do your grocery shopping as you normally do, but write down everything you have in your basket, separating prepared and fresh foods.

Then compare the two.

Do you have 25 boxes of prepared foods versus 5 fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables and protein? The next week, try to narrow the gap to 20 to 10.

The next week, aim for 15 to 15 and so on.

You’ll soon have a much more balanced diet and a better lifestyle.

Stock up on these slimming foods in your grocery cart.

There are two types of people: those who are confident in their means and those who think they can’t do it.

To succeed in losing weight, be more positive and tell yourself “I can do it! ».

Think for a minute about how many times you doubt your abilities in a day.

And don’t just count the times your thoughts are related to food or exercise.

How many times do you think, “I’ll never finish the dishes, I’m so tired.

Or “I can’t look at the classified ads even though I need a job.

Count all the times, big or small, when you think “I can’t” or you think we won’t be able to get a job done.

The next day, start replacing some of those doubts with positive thoughts.

If you had counted 10 “I can’t,” aim for at least one less a day.

It’s all about training your brain to think more positively.

This will help you to resist the next time you come into contact with a tempting pastry.

You’ll think, “I can resist the urge” and still manage to do it.

Start by doing these things to regain your self-confidence.

In recent years, studies have shown that people who lived to be 90 or 100 years old all have one thing in common: a sense of community.

They like to work as a team.

So find one or more people you can train with to help you lose weight.

It could be your spouse, your child, a neighbour, a friend, a family member or simply someone you get along with and who is interested in improving your physical condition.

You’ll kill two birds with one stone: you’ll be more likely to train if someone depends on you and you depend on someone to train at the gym.

You’ll enrich your social relationships at the same time.

Having outside help can make weight loss easier.

Take these 9 breathtaking lessons from a personal health coach.

You may not be as hungry as you think you are.

You may tend to use large portions when you don’t have as much appetite.

You may even feel more than full at the end of the meal and you’re probably not comfortable.

Even so, you start over at the next meal, and again at the next one.



Your eyes see bigger than your hunger.

Your brain needs time to tell your stomach that your hunger is satisfied.

If you continue to eat ignoring your appetite signals, you may not get the message in time.

If you want to lose weight, take the test: fill your plate as you normally would with chicken, vegetables, rice or any meal you would eat if you wanted to eat healthy.

Eat only half of it and leave your plate.