In the test: ASICS Roadhawk FF


I am not sponsored by ASICS, nor am I paid for this contribution. This post is written freely and only reflects my own opinion.

Of the ASICS Roadhawk FF is a good example of a simple, cheap shoe that comes with high quality Features is equipped. The midsole off FlyteFoam (FF) can also be found in the more expensive Dynaflyte or Noosa models. ASICS itself refers to the FlyteFoam as revolutionary Technology because the midsole is 55% lighter than the competition’s midsoles.
You can read in my test report what else distinguishes the Roadhawk FF from ASICS and whether it is worth the money.

In the test – ASICS Roadhawk FF

My first ASICS shoe was also my second real running shoe ever. Back then I was with that ASICS Gel Cumulus 13 on the road and pretty happy. Unfortunately, my running shoe and suitcase were stolen from a long-distance bus.

Almost six years later, a lot has happened at ASICS:
Instead of the GEL technology The Japanese running shoe manufacturer is increasingly relying on the innovative FlyteFoam technology.

The Roadhawk FF is the first shoe from the new model series. The following draw him properties the end:

  • Lightweight and responsive thanks to the FlyteFoam midsole
  • The half-monosock design ensures a flexible and at the same time firm fit on the foot
  • Breathable mesh upper material and Ortholite insole offer the feet a pleasant climate

In response to this manufacturer’s promise, I have now tested the shoe for a few kilometers.

A design with no frills

Black, seamless upper, white sole and silver tiger stripes. So plain the Roadhawk FF comes in the colors Black / White / Silver. In my Review I already told you about the Kinvara 8 from Saucony that I prefer plain shoes. That’s why I like the new model from ASICS optically especially good.

But if you like it more conspicuous, you will find six different ones Color variations You will certainly find what you are looking for: The Roadhawk FF, for example, is also available in black with a bright red sole.

So that the runner can be recognized even in the dark, both the company logo and the lettering reflect on the heel of the shoe.

Regardless of the shoe color, the Roadhawk FF also scores with its shape:
That dynamic design reflects what the running shoe was designed for – for fast Road races!

The outsole made of high-density rubber is more durable and, according to the manufacturer, offers better grip on difficult surfaces

Lightweight meets comfort

When you try it on for the first time, you immediately notice: The ASICS Roadhawk FF is a very more comfortable Shoe.

The model is very good at the particularly critical points lined:
The shaft, tongue and heel of the Roadhawk FF are sufficiently padded to avoid pressure points on the foot.
Even if the manufacturer does not explicitly point it out. The shoe can easily be worn barefoot, which is what the shoe is for Triathlon qualified.

Last but not least, the toes in the forefoot of the Roadhawk FF also have enough space. No pressing, no rubbing, no problems.

FlyteFoam – that’s the name of the new technology that makes up the midsole of the Roadhawk FF and promises increased energy recovery

Don’t run, fly!

The first steps with the Roadhawk FF bring back old memories.

Instead of GEL it is called Cushioning technology now FlyteFoam.

The running feeling remains largely the same:

Not too soft and not too hard.

Only the shoe is around one Multiples lighter than the models with the proven GEL technology.

In contrast to the Saucony Kinvara 8, the Roadhawk FF is almost 40g lighter – despite 8mm Demolition!

Nevertheless, the shoe offers enough stability.

With the innovative FlyteFoam technology, ASICS promises groundbreaking Running properties:
The FlyteFoam used in the midsole is 55% lighter than comparable dampening materials from the competition.
In order to achieve the perfect cushioning, so-called integrated organic fibers the Roadhawk FF will spring back to its original shape with every step.
In addition, you can find that SPEVA 45 Lasting Material in the last of the shoe. This is to improve the bounce back. In other words: The Roadhawk FF promises an increased Energy recovery.

The outsole of the Roadhawk FF made of rubber should now be even more durable and also a better grip bid on difficult ground.

Not only suitable for running: The Roadhawk FF also leaves a lasting impression in the gym

The Roadhawk FF isn’t just made for running

From my point of view, the ASICS Roadhawk FF is suitable as a Lightweight trainer for all medium and long distances. Because the Roadhawk FF is a comfortable companion on every route.
For one Competition shoe I think the new model is unsuitable, however. That’s what this is for me FlyteFoam technology too soft and too indirect.

The previously praised padding of the tongue has to be something after a fast run of 15 kilometers corrected will:
After the run I had an easy one Pressure point on the front right instep. At this point I don’t want to rule out that I laced the shoe too tightly. Maybe it’s also the nature of my own feet.

For running, however, I prefer shoes with a lower one Demolition.
Due to its comfortable fit and simple design, I regularly wear the Roadhawk FF in the Gym.
As leisure or Multisport shoe the Roadhawk FF remains in my closet.