Is it Possible to Build Muscle With Light Dumbbells ONLY?

Is it Possible to Build Muscle With Light Dumbbells ONLY?

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Today we are going to show you: Is it Possible to Build Muscle With Light Dumbbells ONLY?.

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Is it Possible to Build Muscle With Light Dumbbells ONLY?

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Let’s start with: Build Muscle With Light Dumbbells ONLY (LETS FIND OUT).

Can you build and tone muscle with light dumbbells, even at home.

This is a questions I get here a lot.

I answer so many comments on this , so I thought why not put together a light dumbbell workout series that you can do at the gym or from home

In this mini series I am going to go over each muscle group in separate videos showing you how you can not only build and tone muscle with light dumbbells , but how you should also drop the ego and the weight and go lighter on certain exercises

The correct technique ,form and isolating a muscle is more essential than heavier weight and doing it wrong with poor form.

It’s all about eliminating other muscle groups from helping you with the movement and really isolating a muscle so that, that muscle is doing all the work

In todays workout , I am going to be covering a shoulder workout.

Using nothing but a couple of lighter dumbbells.

Keeping it slow , strict and isolating the muscle so it is doing 100% of the work.

If you’re just starting out , I recommend going for 10 reps of each exercises for 4 sets of each.

Roughly 1-2 minutes rest between each set.

If we working with lighter weight , lets keep it more to around 1 minute rest

Once you’re more used to the exercises or have been using weights for a while already , I would ramp up the reps and look to hit more of 20 reps for each exercise

As always guys , love to hear from you guys .

Any questions , feedback or anything you would like to see, just drop me a comment in the comments section and I will try to get back to you all 😊

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