We are impressed by sophisticated gym machines and other advanced equipment, but often, the simplest tools are the most effective.

Y few tools are simpler and more effective than camber. He has always been part of the training of the best fighters, from Bruce Lee to Mohammed Ali.

And it continues to be an indispensable equipment for today’s fighters, whether we talk about boxing or martial arts. In recent decades, this training method has emerged from the dark gyms of these fighters to be used by athletes of all kinds, thanks to its demonstrated ability to improve not only endurance, power and speed, but also agility and integration of different muscle groups in fast and complex movements.

And furthermore, it is a excellent fat loss tool.

Why should you jump rope?

The benefits of jumping rope are countless, but I’ll focus on the main ones.

1. Excellent aerobic exercise

It effectively works the cardiovascular system, with less impact and joint wear and tear than traditional activities such as running (study). According to one study, jumping rope 10 minutes a day for six weeks improved aerobic capacity equivalent to jogging 30 minutes a day for those same weeks.

2. Effective for weight loss

Burns more calories than most aerobic workouts, in less time. Obviously the caloric expenditure will depend on the intensity and weight of each one, but according to several studies, a 70 kg person jumping at a rate of one jump per second would burn more than 100 calories in just 10 minutes.

3. Works the whole body

Jumping rope strengthens the legs, but also the arms, shoulders, and other muscles of the upper body. By combining different types of jumps and intensities you will make more or less emphasis on different areas, achieving a complete training.

4. Improve your coordination and stability

Jumping rope forces you to synchronize a multitude of different muscles, improving the precision of your movements, proprioception and general coordination. This neuromuscular connection and ability to coordinate the upper and lower body is one of the reasons why it is so interesting for fighters.

A study in pre-adolescent soccer players found that combining regular training with rope jumping improved their motor control and stability to a greater extent than doing only sport-specific practices. Proprioception enhancements further reduce the risk of injury. And it is very interesting to enhance physical abilities in children (detail).

If you are a runner, just five minutes of jumping a day improves running performance (study).

5. Strengthen your bones

Bones need impact to become strong, and rope jumping is a great way to achieve this impact with minimal risk (study). By landing on the front of your feet you take advantage of your natural cushioning, avoiding the wear and tear caused by constantly falling on the heel, as many runners do.

6. It is very versatile

It allows you to combine dozens of exercises, from the most basic to the most advanced. You can use the rope as your main training or as part of your current training.

Whether you want to emphasize losing weight or improving your athletic performance, skipping will help.

7. Requires little time and space

You do not need to prepare any type of equipment, the rope is always ready to be used. According to many studies, 10-15 minutes a day are enough to achieve good results, both in physical and aesthetic improvement.

And you can train anywhere, at your house or in the park. If you travel frequently, barely takes place in your suitcase.

Recommendations for jumping rope

Jumping rope is a simple exercise, but it requires some technique, and the following tips can help you to master it quickly:

  • Keep your head straight and your gaze straight ahead, don’t look down.
  • Keep your torso straight and your knees slightly bent.
  • Keep your elbows close to your body.
  • Use your wrists to rotate the rope, not your arms.
  • Use the balls of your feet (ball of feet) to propel yourself and to land. It is enough that you jump 4-5 cm.
  • Wear shoes without much padding.

Some of these rules do not apply in certain variants of rope exercises, but first of all you must learn the basic exercise well.

Infinite variety

Running leaves little room for creativity: one foot in front of the other, faster, slower… but little else.

When it comes to jumping rope, and once you master the basic jump, it opens a whole world of possibilities that will keep you entertained (and fit) throughout your life:

  • I jump by raising my knees.
  • Jump bringing heels to glutes.
  • One leg jump: further stressing the leg muscles and enhancing balance.
  • Sprint in place, alternating legs.
  • Jump forward (while walking).
  • Jump opening and closing the legs.
  • Jump rope crossing.
  • Double under jump: you must turn the rope faster and jump higher so that the rope passes under your feet twice in each jump.

But as with any tool, you must learn to use it to obtain all its benefits, and that is precisely the objective of my guide, which you will obtain free when buying a Wiletics rope, with very good opinions. Use the code FR10 to get a 10% additional discount.

In any case, think that losing fat depends on many factors, which I summarize here.