kangoo jumps

Kangoo Jumps: Are They Useful To Run?

Under the promise that they reduce the impact on the knees, many runners are starting to run with kangoo jumps.

Kangoo jumps are a kind of footwear like a boot with a design similar to that of skates, but instead of having wheels, they have a cushioning system that allows the bound on the surface.

Based on that, their manufacturers assure that impact is reduced in every jump or step and, for that reason, they can help reduce injuries. They also assure that they help burn off calories, thus helping to lose weight.

Despite many people are using kangoo jumps to run, we would like to tell you why we do not recommend them.



Due to the materials used for their manufacturing, kangoo jumps weigh between 3 and 4 pounds each.

This means that they are extremely heavy and, in spite of the fact that their cushioning system can reduce the impact of each stride, it can also overcharge structures that should not cope with so much weight.


Even though cushioning is their most promoted characteristic, their excessive cushioning is another negative aspect.

Their excessive cushioning system prevents you from having a full perception of the terrain and its modifications.

Feet are full of nerve terminals that allow them to adapt themselves to the terrains where you run. Despite the only way of having 100 percent of perception is by running barefoot, the more the cushioning in your footwear, the more the reduction in your perception.

Moreover, that excessive cushioning tends to make your feet muscles not work properly (or not work at all), and this could cause some kind of atrophy.

The muscles that are not used lose tonicity and strength. That is what occurs to the feet muscles when we use many cushioned trainers.


As a result of the excessive weight and cushioning, your running technique is significantly affected, and it will be hard for you to run normally.

Essentially, “running” with kangoo jumps is not running since you will move differently, and your muscles will work differently.


Due to the danger of undergoing sprains because of the height of kangoo jumps and because of their cushioning system, their developers try to protect users by means of a design similar to that of a boot which impedes lateral movements and sprains.

Even though it could be a way of avoiding injuries, it is also a way of not training a vital part of a runner’s movement.

flickr photo by JumpWear http://flickr.com/photos/jumpwear/8980177867 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license