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Long Runs: Five reasons to run without music

Many runners are used to listen music during workouts or races.

Plenty of studies have shown that music increases concentration, lowers perception of effort, provides ongoing stimulus and generally leaves you feeling more positive. Put on a pair of headphones, the thinking goes, and running feels easier and more enjoyable, so you get better at it.

But, sometimes (or all the times) it can create an  absolute dependence of it; many runners cant run without music.

Nevertheless we will show you five reasons to run without music on your long runs, one of our favorite workouts.


Long runs are workouts where you have to run a longer distance than during the rest of the weekly workouts at a slow and relaxed pace.

Because the physiological adaptations that occur are extremely necessary, the long runs cannot be avoided in a training plan for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a full marathon.

However, running some of your long runs without music may allow you to enjoy some of the following benefits:


One of the problems of listening to music during your long runs is that it hinders and/or prevents you from paying attention to very important sounds while running.

During a long run, being aware of your breathing or step sound may help you have a better body control. It also gives you information about your effort and it allows you to attain a complete self-discovery.


Also, listening to music during your long run create difficulties to pay attention to very important external sounds.

Hearing a vehicle or a person behind you or even hearing a thunder in the distance may be really important to avoid disturbing and/or dangerous situations.

Running without music during your long runs helps you have a maximum perception of your environment.


Long runs are perfect workouts to reflect and analyze daily situations.

Nowadays, lack of time and the excess of activities is a real problem to take some minutes of absolute privacy to think.

However, since they are long workouts at a relaxed pace, long runs without music are perfect to talk to another runner or to yourself.


Managing to run without music is a perfect way of doing away with any kind of dependency to music and will help you run your next half marathon or marathon without it.

Even though for those who are used to running with music it may seem a torture; listening and enjoying the cheers of spectators and other runners is really motivating.


Even though music can be a good way of keeping your mind entertained during hard moments, doing it in excess may be harmful.

For that reason, having some long runs without music may help you train and strengthen your mind.

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