MARATHON: What Most Runners Forget

A lot of effort is necessary to finish the 26.2 miles. The roughness of the distance affects both amateur and professional runners.

For that reason, running a marathon is a great sport and personal achievement for those who reach the finish line and become marathoners.

Cramps, dehydration, soreness and a high risk of injuries are some of the possible consequences of a marathon.

All those runners who dare challenge the 26.2 miles know this to a greater or lesser extent. However, most of them forget something.

If you are training for a marathon, we recommend you to continue reading and discover what most runners forget to take into account the day of the race.


Either you are an amateur or an advanced runner, during some moment of the race you will feel discomfort, pain and physical and mental fatigue. Marathons are long and difficult.

Every runner trains hard to defeat the distance, beat the wall and finish the race. The most disciplined runners arrive to the circuit  early, have every detail ready.

Most runners know how they will reach the starting line.  However, few runner plan how they will return home after the race. Even though it seems a silly aspect, we guarantee it is extremely important to reduce suffering to the minimum.

After running the 26.2 miles you will be happy and proud of attaining it but you will certainly be tired/exhausted.

You will feel a lot of pain in your legs and you will encounter many traffic interruptions. This tends to affect transport alternatives. For that reason, it is essential to know the best alternative to return home.

So we recommend you to analyze the route, the location of the finish line and the traffic interruptions that will affect you.

We recommend you to avoid stairs (climbing or going down stairs is a real problem) and great distances.

Walking a few blocks after the race may be even beneficial, but being in pain, it is extremely unpleasant. So try to find close alternatives.

Asking a family member or friend to pick you up in their vehicle in a near location is also advisable.

With planning and organization, the problem will be minimal or non existent and you will be able to enjoy your achievement even more. It is time to celebrate.