Four mistakes that increase the risk of injuries

No runner is free of suffer injuries, but there are ways to minimize the risks of suffer one, as well as common mistakes that will practically ensure an injury.

This is the reason why we bring you the four common ways to get injured during the half and full marathon training:


The “no pain, no gain” philosophy is very well entrenched, having some runners believing that doing more and feeling pain is the right way to train.

Doing more than what your body can handle is the right path to get injured. This is why it is important to handle workout loads the right way.

Avoid doing too much in little time, getting over your body’s ability to adapt.


Never do two consecutive workouts. What is a hard workout? Any high volume or high intensity workout in your training plan.

Alternate hard days with easy days, enjoying more and having less injury time.


Having a good running technique will help you become a more efficient runner and will keep you away from injuries.

Making the mistakes we show you in this or this articles can make to a bad economy runner (wasting more energy in running) and will demand too much from your extremities.


If you’re in pain, do not run. If you’re tired and feel sore in your legs, slow down your workouts and avoid hard workouts.

If you can’t differentiate pain from fatigue, you will get injured and you will ruin your training or maybe the whole season.

Taking a day off of training is better than having to waste the whole season in doctors and rehabilitation.

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