Natural Beauty? 15 Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Natural Beauty? 15 Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Let´s face it: the vast majority of women want to look beautiful and radiant, regardless of whether we use cosmetic surgery for that, right? The sad thing is that we don´t all have enough money to do it. Instead, celebrities squander it and even if they refuse to accept it, they also invest in these small “improvements”.

While some resort to recognized surgeons and their operations turn out to be a complete success that goes unnoticed, others do not suffer the same fate and end up with a strange face and even with some damages that are impossible to repair. These are 15 plastic surgeries that the celebrities have done. The results are as incredible as they are disastrous.

1. Kylie Jenner

To speak of surgeries is to speak of the Kardashian-Jener family, but if we have to highlight which member is addicted to them then with closed eyes we would choose Kylie. Although the young businesswoman has made improvements in her face, which everyone is aware of is when she filled her lips with Botox. She has spent nearly two million dollars to achieve the result she expects.

2. Joan Rivers

Beauty critic was a complete addict to surgeries, she performed more than 739 procedures among which included botox injections, chin lift, among others. As a result, her face was left with very few facial expressions, but for her it was perfect because she could include more sarcasm in her jokes.

3. Blake Lively

The actress had an obvious rhinoplasty and laser skin treatments to illuminate and mask her freckles and spots. A blepharoplasty was also done to remove dark circles and eyelids were lifted to prevent a tired look. Blake is said to have spent about $7,300 for all of his surgeries.

4. Megan Fox

The actress has undergone different treatments: breast implants, lip filling, cheek augmentation and botox, a lot of botox. Although her changes are obvious, she has never wanted to clarify the reason why they were performed; what we do know is that she spent approximately eight thousand dollars.

5. Suzanne Somers

For years, Somers has wanted to slow down its aging with aesthetic procedures. She has had lip and breast implants, and the skin of her neck and jaw has been stretched, at a cost of nine thousand dollars.

6. Pamela Anderson

Since she was very young Pamela began with the surgeries, but the one we remember the most is her breast augmentation, maybe that´s why she went bankrupt, since it is known that she paid more than 10,500 dollars for facial touch-ups.

7. Nicki Minaj

The singer spent about $11,500 on three different surgeries to change her appearance. The cheapest was skin whitening, but she also had nose surgery and silicone implants in her butt.

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim´s changes came about little by little, first she had nose surgery and then implants in her buttocks and breasts; she paid for everything around $16,500.

9. Dolly Parton

The singer underwent several surgeries in recent years for which she paid $23,000 just to preserve her youthful and radiant appearance.

10. Donatella Versace

The surgeries practiced by the fashion designer have not only filled her with criticism: they have also deformed her face, because being one of the richest women in the world, she does not skimp on expenses when it comes to entering the operating room; however, her surgeons, although they are the best in the world, also make mistakes and in the end the result is not what is expected. Donatella has spent more than 25 thousand dollars on operations.

11. Heidi Montang

Heidi is remembered for appearing in the reality show Laguna Beach and also because she has resorted to different surgeries that changed her face. In a single operation, a lift was performed on the front, a rhinoplasty, correction of dark circles, chin refining, breast augmentation, cheekbones and liposuction on the inner and outer thighs. He affirmed that the process was so painful that he felt that he would die and perhaps also his pocket, since he paid 30 thousand dollars for everything.

12. Caitlyn Jenner

When Bruce Jenner decided he would change sex he also took into account that he would undergo different aesthetic surgeries all over his body, and the most expensive and longest lasting was facial feminization, which lasted about 10 hours; it consisted of converting his masculine characteristics to softer and more feminine appearance. For Jenner it was not easy to get used to the changes, she even suffered a panic attack when she saw the result. She definitely didn´t skimp on expenses, as she paid a total of 60 thousand dollars.

13. Kris Jenner

Clan leader Kardashian has a long list of plastic surgeries and, unlike many other celebrities, she has no problem with everyone knowing she loves to fix her face. So far she´s had breast implants, botox injections, laser surgeries, fillers and other small procedures; she´s spent about $70,000 for everything.

14. Sharon Osbourne

Sharon underwent her first surgery because of insecurity: she didn´t feel it met her partner´s expectations, and instead of talking to a specialist, she spent $200,000 to sculpt her face the way and size she thought it was perfect. Over the years, she realized how important love was to herself and promised never to set foot in an operating room again.

15. Demi Moore

After years of interrogations in interviews, the actress finally admitted that in order to maintain her youthful appearance she had undergone different surgeries, which are not few, as she has spent nearly half a million dollars.