Oatmeal apple cupcakes recipe for runners

The things we eat during the day and before our training,  could help us perform at our best or ruin our training. The food we eat the previous hours before a jog,  can help us to have the proper energy needed to run and enjoy our training.

Because of that, in this article we will show you an ideal recipe to eat before a hard training. Given the ingredients used in this recipe, we recommend you to give your body enough time to digest and absorb the nutrients in it.

Up next we will show you our recipe for apple and oatmeal cupcakes.


– 2 eggs

– 200 cm3 of milk

– 250 grams of thick oatmeal

– vanilla extract (to taste)

– 1 apple


1. Mix the eggs, the milk and the vanilla. Stir until you have a uniform mix.

2. Add the oatmeal and stir for 5 minutes.

3. Pour the mix inside a mold using approximately 50% of it. The rest hold it for step 5.

4. Cut the apple in slices and add 2 or 3 into the mold.

5. Pour the rest of the mix, covering the apples.

6. Cook in the oven for about 30 minutes.

7. Take it out, let it cool down and then take it out of the mold.

8. Eat and enjoy!

Estimated Nutritional Values

Oatmeal (250g) Eggs (2) Skimmed milk (200cm3) Apple (1) Vanilla extract (1 tea spoon) Totals
Calories 972 129 73 72 37 1283
Carbohydrates (in grams) 166 0,5 10 19,06 1,64 197,2
Proteins (in grams) 42 11 7,1 0,36 0,01 60,47
Total fat (in grams) 17,25 8,75 0,38 0,23 0,01 26,62


As you see, the high complex carbohydrates and protein content can turn these oatmeal and apple cupcakes into an ideal snack before training.

They are quite satisfying and will let you train for hours without feeling hungry. They may be included into a slimming diet (eating one as a snack).

We can prepare up to 6 cupcakes with these quantities – depending on the mold used – eating about 3 of them before training. Don’t worry about the amount of calories in them; they will let you stay a few hours without having the need of eating something else, given their satisfying feature.

flickr photo by kthrn shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license