Cooking is essential. Unfortunately, our food is being prepared more and more in factories and less in homes. When you let the food industry cook for you, you lose the ancestral connection to food.

The industry seeks to improve your profitability, not your well-being. They sell you convenience and generate dependency. You lose the ability to prepare your own food from fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Your diet is increasingly based on packaged or pre-cooked products. You don’t know what ingredients were used or how they were prepared.

The solution is simple: spend a little time every day in the kitchen. recipes are designed to overcome the usual barriers that keep most out of the kitchen. They are easy to prepare, they take little time, they use healthy and basic foods that you find anywhere, and they are delicious. They show you that health and flavor can go hand in hand.

Many would be willing to experience the creativity of cooking, but they do not have time for the entire previous process: going to the market, parking, selecting food, queuing …

How to take advantage of all the benefits of cooking while avoiding the loss of productivity? Through our alliance with foodinthebox. Everything you need to prepare our recipes comes straight to your home. Open the box and follow the instructions. You will be surprised how easy it is transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes.

Take a look at the recipes

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Additional benefits of using foodinthebox:

  • You minimize the time needed to buy food.
  • You only receive what is necessary for the recipes, avoiding food waste.
  • It allows you to experiment with new dishes and flavors.
  • It takes you by the hand, with a card that describes the recipe step by step.
  • You make sure to use fresh and quality ingredients.

Cooking is a revolutionary act, a declaration of independence. Start now.

Some of the recipes

Beef entrecote with cassava sticks

Sea bass parmesan with red peppers

Serrano salmon with banana chips

Thai salmon salad

Caucasian breakfast

Pork tenderloin with fine herbs with sweet potato medallions

Remember to use the code REVOLUTIONARY RECIPES to get a 15% discount