jeptoo running technique

Running Technique: The case of Priscah Jeptoo

Your running technique can help you to be a more efficient and faster runner and to avoid injuries.

Even though, there is not only one running technique for each runner, there are general notions and common mistakes to be avoided that can help us become more efficient runners.

However, to be an excellent runner you do not need to be perfect, since you can have an excellent running technique, but a low endurance; or you can have a poor running technique and many other virtues that allow you to stand out.


Fortunately, our body has an adaptation ability and, for that reason, Priscah Jeptoo, a Kenyan runner with a very particular technique, has managed to become one of the fastest marathoners of the world.

Priscah Jeptoo was born in 1984 and has won the New York, Paris, Turin and London marathons until now.

Her marathon personal best is 2:20:14, a difference of almost five minutes compared to the world record set by Paula Radcliffe.


In case you do not know her and do not know how she runs, we invite you to see this video in which you will observe that:

– Her knees bend closer to her midline.

-Her tibia (her lower leg) bends outward excessively.

No doubt, Priscah Jeptoo’s body adaptation power allows her to run at high speed even though she applies a technique that would cause a severe injury to anyone’s knees.

However, this does not imply that you do not have to work on your technique so as to avoid damaging your legs apart from not affecting your performance.  Many runners blame this beautiful sport for the pain that usually arises from a poor running technique.