reasons to run a marathon

101 Reasons you should run a MARATHON

Here are 101 reasons why YOU should run a marathon. Enjoy!

  1. Fire yourself up with excitement and anticipation
    Once you get the guts to register for the marathon and see it bright on your calendar, you will have an exciting adventure to look forward to.
    Yes, you might feel a little anxious which is perfectly normal but the rush and anticipation of the experience will make you ecstatic!
  2. Let go of negative emotions
    No matter how frustrated or angry you may be, a few miles run is all you need to kiss these unhealthy emotions goodbye!
    It’s a no-fail recipe. Take my word for it.
  3. It’s a great topic to share
    Your friends will be impressed when you brag about spending your weekend in a 26-mile run.
    Compare that to saying: “nothing special! Just another damn weekend!”
  4. Soar high with runner’s high
    Runner’s high refers to the “high” sensation you experience as a result of releasing endorphins into your system after running few miles.
    The exact number of miles varies between runners but a 5-mile run seems to be the most popular number
  5. Don’t you love toned legs?
    I don’t need to tell you that running is a great legs toning exercise.
    So, if you take your running to the next level and trained for a marathon, in no time you will be boasting your toned muscles on the beach.
  6. Eliminate “I can’t” from your dictionary
    Marathon running is no smooth sailing.
    So, if you managed to pull it off, nothing will ever seem impossible
  7. Boost your self-confidence
    An overdose of self-confidence comes in handy with a marathon event!
  8. Dare to dream big…
    Join the elite club of those who master the art of self-discipline.
  9. Lose your weight and gain your life
    Nothing could help you shed these nagging few extra pounds than rigorously training for a marathon
  10. Enjoy looking at the mirror
    Instead of saying: “who is this ginormous elephant wearing my pyjamas?!” your mirror could proudly say:” who is this well-rounded athlete?”
    If you prefer the second sentence, you know what to do: train for a marathon.
  11. “Waaw” the crowd
    The marathon day is your time to shine as the cheering and yelling of your loyal fans will work wonders in lifting your spirit.
  12. Rationality and marathoning don’t rhyme!
    Being so reasonable and rational can be utterly boring sometimes. Set yourself free and run a marathon
  13. The older, the better…
    Unlike 99.99% of sports, marathon running improves with age in accordance with the increase in base mileage. Wouldn’t you feel great if you run at 50 better than you used to at 30?!
  14. The joy of true accomplishment
    Running a marathon feels like taking quantum leap steps at a time. Do it once and brag about it forever!
  15. Inspirational experience
    A marathon race in essence manifests our unity as human beings.
    You see people with special needs alongside seasoned athletes running together as a symbol of the invincible human spirit.
    So, if you want to become deeply touched, moved, and inspired, run a marathon.
  16. Meet fellow “marathoners”
    Let’s say you are in a social event and suddenly the marathon hot topic was brought up only to discover that the person you are talking to is fellow marathoner.
    An instant bond will be formed between the two of you and it will feel great.
  17. Longer happier life
    Proven facts speak for themselves: marathon runners live longer, happier and healthier than couch potatoes. Join the club!
  18. Rediscover yourself
    Nothing matches running a marathon in unleashing your true potentials.
    Finally, you will clearly see what are you made of and how, when given the chance, you can work miracles.
  19. The most guilt-free dinner all time: the after-marathon dinner
    Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing your deeply cherished marathon moments with fellow marathoners; while devouring the dinner table guilt-free! Yummy…isn’t victory scrumptious?
  20. Stamina…
    The word marathon translates in the wellness dictionary as follows: sleep effortlessly, wakeup passionately, and live happily ever after.
  21. Explore a new city!
    Instead of the conventional site seeing tourism, how about exploring Paris, New York, London, you name it, by running through its streets?!
  22. Make history
    Marathons races are deeply rooted in many ancient civilizations history, including the Greek and Egyptian civilizations.
    So, if you run a marathon, you will be following the tracks of your ancestors and reliving a long-lived tradition. How cool is that!?
  23. Get your “finisher” medal.
    Out of all the awards you received in your life, the marathon finisher medal will be the one you want to keep around your neck forever.
  24. Be the pride and joy of your family
    The proud look on the faces of your loved ones after finishing a marathon will melt away all the sacrifices you have made along the way.
  25. Get the marathoner “chin”
    Running a marathon seems to be the only way to build up the muscle on front of your chin, creating a sharp edge along your chin bone.
    This neat muscle is the signature of a marathoner. Make sure to get one !
  26. Kick off your adventure
    With all the hard work, the adrenaline, the rush, the anticipation, the excitement, finally the race will start and you will kick off your adventure!
  27. A replica of life
    Think about it! A marathon is just a replica of life with its ups and downs, uncertainties, dreams and aspirations.
    So, if you can tackle a marathon, congrats! You have mastered the art of living.
  28. Tears of joy
    The tears of joy and pride after reaching the finish line sure taste great.
  29. The Queen of England passion for marathons (true story) .
    Did you know that the Queen of England is behind changing the marathon distance from 25 miles to 26.2 miles?!
    It all started when her majesty was so eager to watch the marathon finishers from the Royal Palace which resulted in extending its distance.
    In tribute of this incident, it is very common to hear marathon runners singing “God save the Queen”.
  30. Puff Daddy, Oprah and George Bush did it!
    Yes, both George Bush and Puff Daddy are marathoners!
    It feels so weird to have these names in one sentence but hey, they did it! Wouldn’t you?!
  31. Think of all the French toast and cheesecake you can devour…
    With all the heavy training involved in marathon running, you will burn a whole lot of calories effortlessly and enjoy all your favorite foods guilt-free!
  32. Crossing the finish line
    Experience the special exhilaration that only marathon finishers get to enjoy
  33. Getting a well-deserved sway bag
    Freebies are always great, especially when you’ve ran a marathon just to get them!
  34. Finally, all that hard work pays off
    The beauty of marathon running that it gives you concrete evidence that your training was effective
  35. Become a star
    Ever noticed the amount of photographs that are taken of the beloved marathoners? Just don’t forget to say cheese!
  36. The beer truck at the finish line
    Enough said! Though I am a no-drinking advocate
  37. Make a meaningful contribution: donate to your favorite charity
    Did you know you can get sponsored for running a marathon? We will cover that in an exclusive interview soon
  38. Rejuvenate your soul
    The collective energy of marathon running can hardly be found in any other sporting event. It will rejuvenate your soul .
  39. Because it’s quicker than walking?
    Well, duh!
  40. Amaze others
    Simply because you can!
  41. Enjoy running in the middle of the streets
    A lot of city marathons go along big streets that usually are packed with traffic. Thanks to the marathon, they are now “reserved” for your feet!
  42. Run your Personal Record
    Make your marathon race a breakthrough in your personal record.
  43. WIN
    What’s wrong with aiming high?
  44. You can scratch it off of your bucket list
    Now you’ll be able to kick the bucket in peace, knowing that you have overcome something most people won’t even consider trying
  45. Looks great on your resumé!
    Which potential boss won’t be impressed with “Marathon running” listed under your hobbies? It’s the epic of determination and endurance!
  46. Oprah did it!
    If she can do it, you can too!
  47. What does not kill you makes you stronger
    Training for a marathon only means pushing yourself far away from your comfort zone which is quite an accomplishment if you can see it this way.
  48. You’ll be in the best shape of your life
    Training for the marathon will improve your overall fitness in quantum leaps
  49. A great preparation for an ultra-marathon
    Did you really think it would be over after those miles/km’s? Come on!
  50. You’ll have something to brag about
    And no one will be annoyed about it (unless of course you do it 15 times a day!)
  51. Show the world that marathoning is non-fiction!
    Even for those who haven’t run since the eighth grade gym class might give it a shout when you take the initiative. Go for it! Be a role model.
  52. Use it to quit smoking
    Many stop-smoking programs incorporate running to help combat the anxiety and even withdrawal symptoms.
  53. Playing the song “Chariots of Fire” while you run your last mile/km
    Bring me my bow of burning gold:
    Bring me my arrows of desire:
    Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
    Bring me my chariot of fire!
  54. Have a laugh and cross the finish line running backwards!
    Yup, now it’s time to act silly while the whole world claps for you!
  55. Do it for the men/ladies
    Everyone loves a firm butt
  56. Meet new and interesting people
    People who are crazy enough to marathon, just like you are definitely great to know! Where else could you ever find them?!
  57. Finally put a decent distance in your running log 
    Oh yeah! You did it. I would say put this historical achievement in a beautiful frame beside your bed.
  58. Because it’s a really good excuse to buy new clothes
    See all the guilt-free fun that comes in handy with marathonning? Shopping and food are just the beginning!
  59. Why should the Kenyans have all the fun? 
    This is the only situation I could think of where jealousy is healthy!
  60. Because toenails are for sissies
    Now you can’t argue with me on that one!
  61. So for the rest of your life you can start whatever story you want with “Well, when I ran my first Marathon…I wouldn’t think of a more compelling story line.
  62. For the free drinks along the way
    Freebies, freebies, and more freebies…Be careful! You might drown in the marathon’s avalanche of freebies
  63. To get that “26.2″ tattoo
  64. To be a small part of a big legend
    Or a giant piece of a beautiful puzzle
  65. Because 20 years from now, you’ll be shocked you were ever in such good shape
    In fact, 20 years from now you will be in good shape thanks to marathoning!
  66. It’s better than a poke in the eye!
    Again, I double dare you to argue with that!
  67. There is only one person you’re truly accountable to: yourself
    Isn’t that personal development in action?
  68. It puts things in perspective
    Run even one marathon in your entire life and I promise you will never see life the same way ever again!
  69. To save yourself from the growing obesity epidemic
    Don’t go with the flow fall prey to the obesity epidemic! “Rebel” and run a marathon.
  70. Experience the emotion of giving your all to yourself
    Give yourself a well-deserved gift: run a marathon
  71. Conquer your laziness
    Now that you ran this marathon, your couch potato days are over
  72. A great way to kill time
    If you have a lot of time to spare, train for a marathon
  73. Ask the right questions
    Instead of saying: “When will I ever get out off this rat race?!”, say: “How can I finish this race?”
  74. Jump in!
    Marathoning is a daring adventure and a joyful ride. Jump in!
  75. Bond with your friends
    Marathon with your best friends and make new ones along the way.
  76. You will be happy you did!
    Nothing brings more happiness than a great sense of accomplishment. Marathon your way to happiness.
  77. A care-free experience
    Marathoning will set you free from all the unbearable formalities of the society.
  78. A good reason to throw a party!
    Even better, your folks might throw you a surprise party for finishing the marathon.
  79. A wonderful icebreaker!
    When asked to introduce yourself in a social setting, your marathon accomplishment will be great to share.
  80. A good reason to escape a nagging spouse!
    Let me put it gently and say that when you are putting long hours of marathon training, your spouse will miss you!
  81. Become invincible
    If you can pull off one marathon, nothing will ever feel hard to achieve
  82. Break some conventional rules (1)!
    When you run a marathon, you no longer need to dress for success!
  83. Break some conventional rules (2)!
    If you are a single woman running a marathon, instead of singing “It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!”, you can change it to “It’s Raining FUN! Hallelujah!”
  84. Boost your “WaaWooMeter”
    You will hear the word “waaw” quite often once you join the elite marathoners club.
  85. Compete with Tom Cruise!
    Be the lead actor/actress in the new hit movie: “Mission Possible”. How? I can’t believe you are still asking! RUN A MARATHON
  86. There can be miracles when you believe…
    There can be miracles when you believe
    Marathoning is one thing YOU can achieve! (Whitney Huston should be impressed!)
  87. Would you prefer to sky dive instead?!
    “Marathoning maybe tough but it is certainly not deadly”: the last words uttered by a sky diver thanks to his stubborn parachute!
  88. It is better than “running” for president
    No huge election campaigns here my dear! When you marathon, you become the president of your own territory.
  89. Run faster than mice!
    After running your first marathon, you will no longer struggle to catch that sneaky mouse!
  90. Teach yourself the meaning of “tough love”
    Marathon running is tough self-love in action
  91. Now you can run fast when you meet your boss in the street!
    He’s a pain in the you know what at work! Thanks to marathoning, you no longer have to put up with him in the street as well!
  92. Walk the talk! Or should I say “run” the talk?
    You keep telling your loved ones to step up and take massive action in their lives but you still didn’t run a marathon! Don’t even bother!
  93. When you climb the ladder of success…
    When you climb the ladder of success, marathoning will boost your progress
  94. No need for expensive gym…
    Save the expensive gym membership and take the marathon’s “free ride”.
  95. No regrets
    Some things you remember and some things you forget
    Marathoning will be the one thing you will never regret (can you spot a gifted poet in the making?!)
  96. You can always brag that you have already gone that “extra mile”
    Enough said!
  97. Better than winning an Oscar
    Sometimes people question the objectivity of the Oscar results, but when you marathon, you will become your own judge
  98. The best cure for sleep walking
    If you sleep walk, running a marathon is your best cure for a simple reason: you can’t sleep thanks to the cheering crowd!
  99. Legitimate excuse for showing up late!
    They: “Why are you always so late?”
    You: “Training for the marathon. I have a lot on my plate!”
    They: “Waaw! Good luck” (here comes the WaaWooMeter again!)
  100. Why not?!
    Why not give it a shot?! Just a food for thought.
  101. Make it your breakthrough
    How about seeing your marathon experience as a symbol of major breakthroughs to come in your life and training for it with this heightened spirit? I bet you will have such a blast.

That’s it boys and girls!
If you have any other reasons to share, don’t hesitate to place your comment! We love comments!

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