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Drills To Improve Your Running Technique And To Warm Up

Improving your running technique (the way you run) will allow you to save energy in every stride, run faster and avoid injuries.

On the other hand, an inadequate running technique may turn you in a not very efficient and economical runner that spends a lot of energy.

Even though every runner has movements that distinguish him from others, following certain parameters may help you have a better running technique (though you need much more practice and training for that).

One of the keys to attain a good running technique is to make your brain, nerve endings and muscles learn how to move.

In order to attain that, the “running drills” are an excellent way to activate your muscles and to “teach” them how to move in a better way.

For that reason, we will now show you a short video with perfect drills to include in your daily warming routine to warm up and to foster the obtaining of a better running technique.

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When properly executed, running drills may help you become a better runner; but when not properly executed, they may affect your performance.

That is why we recommend you to include them gradually in order to allow your body to assimilate them progressively. In order to discover whether your are doing them correctly, we encourage you to film yourself.


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