3-Step Soup Recipe for Breaking a Fast

Soup Recipe for Breaking a Fast

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3-Step Soup Recipe for Breaking a Fast

I got some pho cooking here. Whoa. Nice. Call it Fast Break Pho, and I kind of discovered it by accident. See, I used to always talk about specific things to break a fast with and why you would have these specific things. And then, I realized all of these could be combined into a Vietnamese pho recipe. If you like soup, if you like Vietnamese pho, then I had the perfect fast breaking recipe for you. I’m going to make it super quick. I’m going to give you the benefits of each. I really just want to be able to give you the details so you can make this and have something tasty, especially, I don’t know, if you feel like having something savory.

All right, so when we break a fast, it’s all about gut health and keeping it easy on the gut. So I started, and I already got this going for the essence of time with some good quality bone broth. In this case I use chicken bone broth, but I alternate between chicken and beef. Beef bone broth is going to have a little bit more of a high collagen content.

Your gut mucosal layer wears down during a fast, so you need to try to support it the best that you can. You need to try to get the collagen in. You get the glutamine, you get the glycine, all that stuff that’s coming from bone broth, and it’s going to help stabilize and help get your gut a little bit more warmed up. Plus, the other benefit, let me turn this down a little bit, is that you’re getting a lot of the minerals back in. When you go through fast, you’re losing minerals.

Let’s just cut right to the chase. I’m going to give you two little breakdowns for this. One, if you’re keto and one if you’re not. I’ll start with the keto orientation.

I’ve already got the soup go in here. Now, what I have is I have five ounces of super lean chicken or turkey. You can use shrimp too. You want to use a lean meat. The reason you want to use a lean meat is twofold. One, I want you to be able to keep control of the fatty acids that are coming into your body. Two, I don’t want you to have a large amount of fat coming in right after a fast. A small amount is all you need, and we’re going to use a specific kind of fat. I don’t want the saturated fats coming from the proteins right now. I want to control the fat that’s coming in. Again, this is only if you’re going to be keto. Additionally, it’s also really important to note that, if you have a good amount of protein after a fast, it’s going to make it so your blood sugar comes down a little bit when you do eat other food. Protein has a powerful effect at reducing our blood sugar simply because it ends up spiking your insulin in an indirect way.

I’ve got that in there. That’s just cooking for a little bit. I use one carton of bone broth. Basically, you want to use anywhere from seven to 10 ounces, somewhere in there. Here’s the important thing. Actually, I’m going to add that last. A little bit of ginger, also helping with digestive side of things, but also in anti-inflammatory. In this case, I’m just going to eyeball it, but probably just going for a couple of teaspoons there. Plus, it’s going to give it the actual pho taste that we want.

Then, here’s a big one, apple cider vinegar. Now, I add the apple cider vinegar after the pho has been heated up a little bit. I don’t want to be adding this when it’s cooler, because I don’t want to denature some of the probiotic effects. Remember, this has living organisms in it. It has probiotic effect. We want to put it in toward the end so it’s not just cooking the goodness out of it. A big reason, actually, for the apple cider vinegar is the taste, but also the acetic acid brings our blood sugar down again. We don’t want crazy blood sugar spikes. We want to keep it under control coming out of the fast. Acetic acid also has powerful effects when it comes down to inflammation modulation in the gut too. You can eyeball it. I go a couple tablespoons, maybe even three. It gives it the tanginess that you want. It’s also going to give it that pho Vietnamese taste.

Now, it’s a little bit thicker in terms of the actual, like the color that you would see maybe in traditional Vietnamese pho. The cool thing is Vietnamese pho uses bone broth. That’s the whole point. It’s a high quality, good, healthy soup. It’s all going to depend on what kind of bone broth you do. If you make your own bone broth, it might be a little bit thinner.

All right. Well as always, make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel. As always, see you soon.