The Best Full Body Strength Workout

The Best Full Body Strength Workout | Only 15 min [NO JUMPING]

Try A 15 min NO JUMPING full body workout that you can do AT HOME and is APARTMENT FRIENDLY!

The Best Full Body Strength Workout | Only 15 min

Whatever your goal, from gaining muscle, to gaining strength, to losing fat, practicing a full-body routine helps achieve it.

Yes, we know that to tone up we have to alternate the upper and lower body one day.

But it’s also advisable to exercise your whole body one day a week.

Whatever the goal, from gaining muscle, to gaining strength, to losing fat, practicing a full-body routine helps achieve it.

Another plus point is that if you are a beginner, choosing a fullbody routine will give you great benefits in terms of recovery after each training session.

In addition, the lean mass and strength gains are quite noticeable and if you have just started the gym it is a very good option.

This training is compatible with other sports.

Whether it’s team sports or individual sports.

This is a basic example of a fullbody routine.

Let’s start the workout! In only 15 minutes you are going to blast wht whole body.

Tips for faster toning

If you still feel that your body needs firmness to look completely good in a swimsuit, you can still do something to tone up your muscles quickly.

Here are a few tips to help you tone faster so you can look firm and fit in no time.

Use compound exercises, that is, exercises that involve two or more muscles in one movement, which will allow us to save time or work more parts of the body in the same period of time.

And the more muscle work, the better the results.

Introduce changes in the routine in a way that surprises the muscles.

You can change the exercises, the order of the exercises, the equipment you use to train or implement other modifications that do not allow the muscles to get used to the movements but that the work continues to produce positive results in the body.

Do not always use the same overload, we usually take a dumbbell of “x” kilos and use that same weight during the whole routine, however, some muscles can support more weight and some movements allow us a higher overload, while in others we may not be able to exceed 5 kg.

The important thing is to adapt to each circumstance, exercise and muscle, the weight to be used to produce results.

When the muscle gets tired in the 10 or 12 repetition, we are probably using just the right weight to tone.

Use two pieces of equipment simultaneously, i.


you can add the resistance of a rubber band to the weight of the dumbbells, or the weight of the body itself when we do bending, the instability of a fitball to lean on.

We can also use medicine balls, Russian weights, bosu, sticks, bars and other equipment that, when used together, can add intensity to the exercise.

Reduce speed when training, because working in a concentrated and slow manner produces more results than exercising in a hurry where the momentum reduces the work of the muscles to complete the movement.

Combines toning with cardio to eliminate fat if there is excess and help you look a firm body.

The ideal is to choose aerobic activities that also allow for toning, for example, boxing, running, swimming, kickboxing, spinning or others.

These are some tips that we can implement from now on to tone our muscles and look a firm and worked body, even if we do not have much time to achieve it.

The Best Full Body Strength  Workout | Only 15 min