From time to time I compile a multitude of blog articles on specific topics in the form of a digital book. In addition to making it easier to read, it allows you to underline any text and review the notes at any time.

I just published the latest eBook on Amazon, entitled The Guide to Supplements, which you can also download free for 3 days.

Remember that to access it you must have an Amazon account, totally free, and use the Buy option (at a price of EUR 0.00), not the one of «Read for free», which forces you to pay for the program kindle unlimited (which is worth it if you read a lot, but it is not necessary).

Once the book is purchased, it will automatically appear in your digital library. To read it you only need a kindle readerEither the physical or the free application, both for computer and phone.

Note: If you do not reach the promotion, you can buy it for the cheapest price that Amazon allows me, just 0.99 euros 🙂

If you have problems downloading the book because you are outside of Spain, you could temporarily change the address of your digital content, using any fictitious address, which you would change again after downloading.

Go to the «Preferences» section within the «Manage content and devices» option