Trader Joe’s Keto - Buy THIS not THAT

Trader Joe’s Keto: What to Buy (and NOT)

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Trader Joe’s Keto – Buy THIS not THAT

We did a Trader Joe’s grocery haul, but not just any ordinary grocery hall. You see, we went to Trader Joe’s, and we got all kinds of select keto foods, but not all of them are truly keto-friendly. Some of them are sneaky, and I wanted to do this because it’s true and practical. It’s the kind of situations that people run into when they’re shopping in a healthy sense, and they don’t always know what they’re getting their hands on.

So buried in this pile of food are keto foods that really shouldn’t be on your keto shopping list. So we’re making it realistic. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive in to the keto grocery haul for Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s now has an interesting form of almond milk. Nice thing is usually you’re paying a pretty penny for this kind of stuff. This is going to be pure almonds and water.

Nothing else. No stabilizers, no thickeners, no carrageenan, anything like that. So it makes life really, really easy. Okay. Normally, you’re going to go to Whole Foods, and you’re going to spend $6 for an almond milk that’s really simple. You save some money when you get that at Trader Joe’s. So cool little keto item that Trader Joe’s now has.

When you shop for beef at Trader Joe’s, you have to remember that they don’t have grass-fed, grass-finished beef. So, it’s interesting because you look at the organic ground beef, and you’d normally want to lean towards that.

And then you have a 96% lean non-organic ground beef. So at first glance you’re like, well I want the organic, and it’s higher fat. It’s good for keto. Well, it says no antibiotics and no added hormones, 100% grass-fed, but it doesn’t say it’s grass-finished. And it doesn’t say no antibiotics ever.

Believe it or not, in this particular case, it’s better to go for the non grass-fed 96% lean, because then the actual fat content, the actual amount of Omega-6 that you’re taking in is actually going to be less. So it sounds complicated, but the point is when it comes to Trader Joe’s, go for the lean 96 beef versus the organic.

These are a solid go-to. I go for just the simple single-serve guacamole packets. If I get it in a bigger container, it’s way too easy to overdo it. 100 calories in a little packet, nine grams of fat. I’m good to go. Super simple. Definitely a solid Trader Joe’s option. Now, goat milk brie. I love brie cheese.

So here we have broccoli florets, organic peas, French green beans, zucchini, some onions, parsley, garlic, and some other little vegetables. You don’t have to … You can take the seasoning that’s with it and drain it out, because it does have a tiny bit of maltodextrin. So just fair warning.

But the carb content is super low for the amount of potassium that you’re getting in this mix, which is one of the reasons why I like it. So for keto, you’re losing a lot of minerals.

We’ve got asparagus. Microwaveable asparagus is convenient. People are going to say what they’re going to say about microwaves, but okay, we’re doing keto on a budget.

We’re trying to teach you how to shop. Don’t bag on the fact that this is microwavable. The microwave itself, in my opinion, isn’t that bad. If anything, it’s the plastics that you got to worry about when you’re microwaving in them.

However, use this in moderation. Use this when you’re in a pinch. Asparagus is one of those things that, unless you’re going to eat it raw, it’s pretty hard to cook in a hotel room, or it’s pretty hard to cook when you just don’t have half an hour to dedicate to grilling it or broiling it or whatever you’re going to do.

Now let’s go back to the positive stuff. Coconut oil spray, always good to cook with. Coconut oil is nice and stable to cook with. A couple of bucks.

It’s $2.50 or $2.99 or something for this, and it lasts you a long time. We’ve got Chomps. I get these because A, I love the guys over at Chomps. I know the CEO really well. I know the founder. Just good guys, and I know that they have really clean just snacks.

So, if you’re trying to get some stuff that’s for on the go, you have to swing through a Trader Joe’s, Chomps sticks are awesome.