Transform your body! 11 Full body exercises to do at home

Transform your body! 11 Full body exercises to do at home

The year begins and all those purposes you swore to yourself on December 31 will not be fulfilled alone. It´s time to discipline those goals and start slowly, for example, to regain your stature. If you´ve already visualized yourself in the summer and are planning the best vacations on the beach, it´s time to start with exercises to mold your leg, build muscle and mark your abdomen.

Before making the mistake of many and paying in January the registration to the gym, start your life fitness with simple exercises that you can easily do at home or in the nearest park. The constancy of at least three times a week will help you generate the necessary condition so that in the coming months your attendance at gym deserves a standing ovation. Here are 11 of the simplest but most effective exercises to do at home.

1. Squats

Try not to lift your feet and hold them steady; much of the effectiveness of this exercise is that the soles of your feet are well centered. Another recommendation is to slowly lower your buttocks so that your knees never go beyond the tips of your feet.

2. Simple iron

At first glance it seems like a simple exercise, but once you do it well you start to notice how your muscles tighten and that´s when you should hold on as long as possible. Always remember to keep your back straight.

3. Stairs

The best thing you can do is take advantage of the space and tools your own home provides. Go up and down the first three steps of the staircase, just alternate your legs. Another option could be to use a wooden drawer.

4. Kicks in four

Place knees and hands equal to the width of your shoulders. Then kick both up and back.

5 . Burpees

Although they seem simple, they have a degree of complexity, so you´ll feel like you´ll be the most demanding part of your training. First you must adopt the position of plate to do a flexion. Then raise your legs and jump as high as you can.

6. Inverted iron

This exercise will help you tone your arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs; you will only have to do the opposite of the normal iron. Try not to exceed 15 seconds when doing this exercise.

7. Leg lifts

You can do this lying on the floor, while lifting your legs straight up; keep them that way, and as far as possible for a few seconds, and then lower them to the initial position.

8. Bouncing and bouncing

The normal displant is a step forward and the torso downward, with the back straight. You will have to add a jump to this exercise.

9. Imaginary chair

Like the iron, this exercise is demanding. You will need to hold on as long as you can while you place your back on the wall and “sit” in an imaginary chair for a few seconds. Repeat this a series of 20 times with breaks.

10. Buttocks and hip bra

Raise and lower your torso while keeping your arms and feet on the ground. Try to go up quickly and down slowly, for a greater effect on the buttock area.

11. Side kick

For a belt that can do justice to your favorite skirts pencil , the best remedy is a side kick while keeping your legs straight and without bending your knee.

Daily exercises to get fit in a short time at home