What is Autophagy + Is it Really that Important?

What is Autophagy? Is Important for Weight Loss?

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What is Autophagy + Is it Really that Important?

You know what’s really fascinating about the human body, or any really mammalian body, is we have the ability to change the course of our lives from sort of a cellular standpoint. Now, maybe you’ve heard of autophagy before. Maybe you’re wondering what the heck it actually is.

Well, this video is all about giving you a very basic breakdown and kind of fun analogy to help you really just gain an understanding of what’s happening inside your body when it’s undergoing autophagy.

Okay, so in short, autophagy is a cellular sort of recycling. It’s the survival of the fittest within your body. As components of your body’s cells begin to get weaker or potentially die off, they get recycled and provide our stronger cells with more fuel.

This proteasome can take all the extra components and it can mash it up, and then it can try to flush it out through our body’s glymphatic system.

This is option one, and it’s a somewhat inefficient and somewhat toxic process. The other option is it can recycle it. Oh wait, there’s extra cellular parts. Well, let’s plug them in and use them somewhere rather than try to mash them up and just get rid of them. That’s what’s happening in your body.

We have autophagy occurring in three forms. I’m going to address all three, but I’m focused on just one because it’s the basic and the main one.

The first one is called chaperone autophagy, and just like the name implies, it’s where a chaperone protein or an escort protein goes out and it grabs other proteins and it brings them back into the right area of the cell and it breaks them down for fuel. The other kind is micro autophagy.

Micro autophagy is also known more as like cellular drinking. It’s where the cell essentially drinks some of the cellular fluid and kind of gains energy from that, so it can kind of mash it up into a fluid and drink it. It’s kind of complicated to explain. That’s the simplest way to break it down.

The other form, the form that you’re probably most familiar with or that you’ve heard referenced before, it’s called macro autophagy. Macro autophagy is where what’s called cytoplasmic cargo basically gets engulfed by something called an autophagosome.

This autophagosome is like a big mouth in a way, and it goes out and it engulfs all the cytoplasmic cargo. It brings it into the lysosome where it fuses with the lysosome, and I know this is complicated stuff and I’m trying to make it simple.

You have all kinds of sensors in your car. Right? If your car senses that you’re low in fuel or your O2 sensor pings you, your check engine light’s going to come on. Right? Your car might start to do different things.

Well, your body has sort of a check engine light in some ways too. It’s like your body says, “Uh oh, there’s no food in the system.” AMPK, the check engine light comes on, and that tells the body to start using fuel from your stored tissues.

Okay, the next thing that you can add to this mix is green tea. There was a study that was published in the Journal PLOS1 that found that green tea directly ends up increasing hepatic autophagosomes, so that means autophagosomes in the liver, which means we’re able to detox, we’re able to recycle cells, we’re able to recycle cellular parts. Really powerful stuff.


Green tea is a great way to just add to this. Fasting, exercise, green tea. Okay. Then when you do eat, if you eat a ketogenic diet, that’s really going to help you out here, and this isn’t just a push to try to convert you over to keto at all. It’s just the truth.

The last one I want to talk about is implementing some reishi mushroom now and then. Remember I talked about Four Sigmatic at the beginning, but you don’t have to get it through them.

Just reishi mushroom in general, whether you get it on Amazon or whatever, is very powerful at increasing the number of autophagosomes in your body, helping you out with that overall cellular recycling process, mitochondrial recycling, and everything you need to be a new you and essentially feel good.


Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student: