The WORST Advice I was Given During my 100lb Weight Loss

The WORST Advice I Received During my Weight Loss Journey

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The WORST Advice I was Given During my 100lb Weight Loss

We all have those people in our lives that just give us unsolicited advice, right? Whether it’s good advice, bad advice, it’s just people are always trying to put their opinions onto you. When you’re trying to lose weight and you’re going through a transformation, there’s some things you got to pay attention to.

I lost a hundred pounds. When I was going through my transformation, oh man. It was just a ton of just constant inbound. People telling me what I should do, what I shouldn’t do. So what I did is I came out with what I think are the five pieces of just the worst, most bad advice that people gave me when I was going through my weight loss and through my transformation.

Okay. Now, these are in no particular order. The first one that I want to bring up, don’t lose weight too fast.

You can lose weight fast, you just have to do it right. You see, there was a study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism that looked to see keto’s effect on permanent weight loss via its effects on RMR

Researchers chose a set of 20 obese patients who followed a low-calorie keto diet in order to induce weight loss (was pretty low calorie; 600-800 kcal) – the subjects lost around 45 lbs each over the course of 4 months

What they found was that despite the patients’ large weight loss, that weight loss didn’t affect the patients’ RMRs in any significant way – there was no significant differences in their basal RMR and no metabolic adaptations occurred

Okay, the next one. Being strict all the time, you have to be strict all the time. Okay, there’s like 50% of the people tell you you need to be relaxed and you can’t be strict all the time and then 50% of the people tell you you have to be completely strict, you have to be in a constant deficit. It sounds crazy to me now, because it’s not about just a progressive weight loss or a progressive calorie restriction. Fat loss works best when it comes down to spontaneous calorie restriction.

Okay, now I want to move into probably my favorite one. It’s fun to poke holes at this one. “Thomas, you should be snacking often. If you snack often, you’re going to get your metabolism revved up. You should do that.” Snacking ends up spiking your insulin.

The next one is, “Here, take this fat burner.” This used to be one of my favorites, because I was a guy that was willing to take fat burners. I would take all these over the counter things to try to get myself to lose weight more and all it would do is make me feel sick. The point is is that it’s kind of a twist. Fat burners do actually work, but they’re not the end all, be all. They’re not going to make you burn more fat. What they are going to do is they’re going to enhance what you’re getting out of a workout at that point in time. You still have to do the work.

There was a study that was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that found that taking a fat burner increased RMR by 7.8 % (from 1,906 to 2,057 kcal), 6.9 % (from 1,906 to 2,037 kcal), and 9.1 % (from 1,906 to 2,081 kcal) in the TFLS, while the PLA treatment increased RMR by 3.3 % (from 1,919 to 1,981 kcal), 3.1 % (from 1,919 to 1,978 kcal), and 2.1 % (from 1,919 to 1,959 kcal) above baseline at 60, 120, and 180-min post ingestion, respectively

The last piece of bad advice that people gave me, something that I held onto for way too long, and the moment that I let it go, the moment that I stopped listening to people with that, I launched myself into a whole different world, just with business, with health, and everything. That piece of advice was don’t lose your friends along the way. Okay, it’s a tough one, right? Because in theory it makes sense, right? You have a group of friends, you start living a healthier lifestyle, you start making good decisions, and you don’t want to abandon your friends, right? So you do whatever you can, but you don’t realize that perhaps some of those friends weren’t exactly the best influences. It’s one of the toughest things that you have to do and one of the things that I had to do was, quite honestly, grow out of some of my friends, and it was really tough. It doesn’t mean that you’re rude and throw them aside, but you strategically start changing your life a little bit.